Tow Bar Fitted

How do Chaps

well have spent the weekend hobbling round on my still broken ankle fitting my tow bar and wiring kit, whilst i would not say it was an absolute doddle it's not that tricky either, instructions are reasonable the genuine Nissan wiring kit worked out cheaper than an after market jobbie and just plugs in, so if you want a tow bar and don't want to pay £200 to get it fitted give it a go.

the hardest and scariest bit was getting the bumper of, there were however no casualties in the clip department so it's all gone back together as it should and I've effectively got £200 to spend on beer.


  • Good work fella! any pics of the work????? 8)
  • Morning Eurobob

    Afraid not, got too excited in spannering session to take pics, i do have one with the bike rack fitted and will try to post that, although being a technical muppet that may not be possible.
  • Few of the bike rack fitted along with some underneath pics would be ace, may give other owners the boost to try it themselves like you 8)
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