Got my new cube:-)

Got my new cube on Friday, sooooo in love with her. She is a gen3 pearl white cvt. She is amazing. Adore the roomy and light feeling and she almost drives herself. I knew I was going to love her but didn't realise how much til I got to own and drive her.


  • welcome to the site
  • Glad you're just as happy now you've picked her up. Now we need photos. :)
  • Will do but have been poorly since I've had her. Been on a couple of trips to docs and pharmacy etc!!!! But will take some piccies and post later in the week, x
  • Man flu eased yet? piccies????? 8)
  • No this isn't manflu, it's proper full blown real antibiotic treated poorly:-) this is the piccie the garage sent me. I'll take some proper ones the weekend ps I'm a girlie so never had manflu
  • just tried to upload a picture from my computer and it won't upload, says no content? Ill have another go tomorrow:-)
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