battery size

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You must have noticed how small the battery is....
I replaced mine a while ago, Halfords to the rescue !
anyway, didn't drive for a while and..... :x
you quessed it. Hrrrr, hrrrr, klik, klik ! battery empty.
No wonder, as it is a really small one.
Recharged it, and all OK now, but also noticed again that the batterytray has room for a bigger one.
But the original battery has these tiny small contact posts, thus the battery cable connectors are small too. And won't take the bigger ones.
How difficult is it, to change the battery connectors to bigger ones ?
And what battery, of the most common car batteries would fit there ? I have a feeling that a bigger more powerful one, would also be cheaper, if the size is one of the most common ones.


  • You can get bigger batteries with the small terminals, think my local motor factor supplied me with heavy duty one for my old gen 2 last year? 8) Should be fine if charged reg though?
  • I've got the Halfords own brand battery for a diesel Nissan Navara.

    You can get replacement battery connectors from Halfords too.
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