Which model is this please and oil required?

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Hi all, i registered a while back but not been on here really for a bit but id still really appreciate all your efforts and info on the net that you can point me to regarding our car. When we bought it, the paperwork and manuals went missing and so all we have had since new is log book etc and no manuals or service history.

Is there any particular posts on here and data/part numbers etc i can refer to? I dont need spoon feeding and im happy to search myself but i dont even know what gen number it is! Its an 05 jap import and did have private plates on before we bought it so im stuffed on its history.

My main concern now is what oil do i need and oil filter part number/generic one that fits from andrew page etc.
its a 1.4 petrol auto/semi auto?? has gears 1&2 aswell. Is this semi?

cheers guys in advance!



  • It's a Gen2. Sounds like a standard auto as well.

    The semi-auto CVT boxes have change up\down buttons on the steering wheel, so they're fairly easy to spot. Not sure there's that many Gen2 CVT's in the UK though?

    Part numbers wise, there's a sticky topic at the top of the forum that's pretty helpful for common stuff like oil, filters etc.
  • My old cube was a gen2 CVT but they stopped putting the buttons on the steering wheel as it was a 2005/6 facelift model, easy to tell by headlights/engine type so could be either if on an 05 plate. Get up some pics and it will be easier for it to be confirmed. 8)

    Engine in my gen3 is pretty much same as 1.5 cvt in 06 plate gen2 (and possibly 05 plate) but if you are sure its a 1.4cc then its not a facelift model. Theres a post on here from way back last year which i uploaded all the model year numbers etc so you can check your vin plate against that if it helps?

    Oil will be 5w30, and as tazbert says, loads of gen 2 info on that sticky!

    I have seen loads of cubes on Ebay shown as 07 plate when they are 03 so always wise to check jap year not uk reg year, crafty buggers some of these garages! :roll:
  • :-) I have the 1.5 facelift model and it is CVT Sport button is on the tip of the gearshift. Also CVT check light on the dash will light up when ignition is on ... if it is a 1.5 the engine looks like this;


    (Looks like the Gen 3 1.6 eh Bob ???)

    look at the vin plate left hand rear of engine bay if it,s a 1.5 it will be stamped HR 15. :D
  • Ahhh, memories, you need to ditch the air intake and put on a k&n filter/cold intake like i did! :twisted:
    Apart from being a 1.6 the gen 3 engine is exactly the same.
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