ABS light, what's it likely to be?

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My abs light is on all the time not had chance to get it on a diagnostic as yet to find a code, I was just wondering if this is a common problem, if so has anybody any info on what it could be, maybe a sensor anyone one know the best place to get one? And would this be an MOT fail? Any advice appreciated.


  • A few suggestions...

    One of the cables that plug into the back of the front calipers might have disconnected?
    One of the sensors on the front calipers might genuinely be reporting work pads. (Not too sure how these sensors work)
    The switch at the brake pedal might need replacing / adjusting.
    The brake fluid level could be low.

    But then it might be something else.

    I think a lit ABS light is an MOT fail.
  • Think kieron had this problem, drop him a line.
  • Cheers guys, I'm hoping to get it on a diagnostic this weekend, ill keep you updated! Hopefully it's just a sensor.
  • CUBED is correct. It's an MOT failure. Hope you sort it out buddy!
  • Cleaned abs sensors on front and did an oil & filter change, tried my OBD2 software to restore the light wouldn't communicate, looked it up and JDM cars dont use the OBD2 can anyone tell me if the connector is the same and it's just the software, also can a reset be done by the dash controls? Anybody got any advice?
  • Take the bulb out of the dash............
  • I've had this problem for about a year now, my Cube is SORN though. I want to get it back on the road though so I've just bought 4 ABS sensors from another Cube. I'll let you know how I get on. The dash light has been tempting..
  • How much did they cost? Are they hard to find new? Think I'm going to try find some software that's compatible with the jdm ecu then at least I can turn it off to see if it's made a difference don't think it would show up until I have done a reset anyway. But keep me posted like to know how it goes.
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