Paint job

Been thinking about sticking decals on the cube this week. Thinking about the exterior more & more I'm loving my grey less & less! Why oh why didn't I wait for a pastel colour? Impatient! :(

Ball-park figure for a paint job on a Cube???

Maybe decals will change my mind.


  • Go for vinyl first, cheaper and much more arty, worlds your oyster etc! 8)
  • don't go for a respray, grey and black what a combo vynal is my choice all day long then all you have to do when your bored is change your decals the worlds your oyster :-) mines a very rare colour sort of airfix greeny/grey had it 2yrs now i've started to think i want to do something diferent to mine, vynals is the way i'd go
  • Prices and quality varies lots for paint jobs but you're probably looking at around £1500+ including the prep with windows removed etc.

    Have you considered a full vinyl wrap rather than just graphics? A good alternative to a full respray. :)
  • Yeah, Vinyl wraps are certainly cheaper than a respray these days. Good one should last 3 years and they have the added bonus of helping protect against stone chips. :)
  • Waste of money. Sell your Cube and buy one in the colour you want. Swap over any bits you want to keep. Total cost of obtaining the colour you want- just your time.
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