How Unique Are We?........

Howdy fellow Cubers!

Ive owned my sky blue Gen2 Cubic for 6 weeks now, and every single time i look at it i smile!

I wanted a Cube since i first set eyes on one about 4 years ago, ive had a Micra for years and one day i spotted a Cube. Safe to say, i was amazed, and told day i will own one!!

Now, it occurs to me, that since seeing that Cube in the flesh, i have NEVER seen another in real life!!

(I once thought i saw the back-end of one in Manchester, but couldnt be sure....)

....And so, the question is,... How many Gen2 Cubes are currently living in the UK?... and more specifically to me, how many Cubics live here?

Does anybody have any idea, even a guess?

(On another subject, I would like to add that Jeremy Clarkson is a prat) hahaha!


  • That's Gen3's only though (2009+).

    I'd only ever seen a couple of Cubes prior to buying one. Then within 5 days of picking mine up, I'd seen 3 different ones within a mile of my place!
  • Theres another thread similar to this on the forum somewhere? As you said that website only shows gen3s, and i emailed the chap to see if he could find out but imports are not logged for viewing outside the dvla. I think we agreed on around 400 plus seeing as the amount for sale and chattting to import companies etc 8)
  • Very interesting.

    -Im from Preston, North West, and have still never seen another. (except the first i ever saw)
    (I do live rurally, out in the sticks, but still...)

    Most people i come across have never seen one either.

    Tazbert, fancy that eh? You pick yours up then see 3 more! hahah. My Cube is the same colour as yours. Is Air Blue the official colour? (I keep calling it sky blue)
  • Haha, yeah. There I was thinking I'd bought something properly unusual and bam! They're everywhere. :)

    As for the colour, I believe Air Blue is the proper name for it.

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