(Schnider) V5C info needed urgently!

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Im actually Schnider but lost access to my email account and forgot the password! I went to register my car at the Irish equivalent to DVLA yesterday only to get disapproved because my V5C form is incorrect!

Can someone tell me what the Cube (not Cubic) should be called on D.5 Body type?

MIne says 2 Door Saloon for some reason... I've attached the form below and would be grateful if someone could have a quick look and make sure the other information is correct

Many thanks



  • Anyone? Just need to know what to tell the DVLA for D.5 so i can get a new logbook and then use then finish my import to ireland'
  • Says 5 door hatchback on my gen3 so i would say it said the same on my old gen2 one? hope that helps! 8)
    Model would be a cube (i note thats missing on your form too!)and it says 5 seats anyway????
    Any probs just mention the club and that we will drive round there and tsk loudly at them shaking our heads if its not sorted! :twisted:
  • Yep 5 door hatchback on my Gen 2... :D
  • Hehe thanks so much guys. You've been a big help!
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