Exhaust System! Where do I get one!

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Just bought a CUBE SX, and in need of a new exhaust, does anyone know where I can get one from Pref close to the Leeds area?
I know I can get a nice OEM exhaust system for £280 too much at moment just need a standard one but can't find one anywhere.
Does anyone know if a micra system will fit? if not how much a new one is for the Cube..

Also I need a grey housing for the passenger side Mirror if anyone got one.

Any help would be appreciated!


  • im going to get mine made from LongLife soon
  • where are they based and how much do u expect to pay?
  • these are in bristol but they run all over the uk im looking to spend about 300 from cat back with quad exhaust
  • hi baron i've got a standard exhaust for a gen 2 2006 cube it'll be same as you want i've got middle section and back box no cat £50 for both i'm from a place near bristol if your interested i'll find out how much it costs to get it to you,by leeds you said?
  • Yes find out how much to send it up I'm in Leeds, is it in good condition, how many miles it done, any pics Cheers
  • Hi Sticks

    If Barron doesn't take it I'm interested, had to bodge my exhaust recently & too short of cash for a new one.

  • my cubes only got 25000 on clock now so i reckon exhaust has only done 18000m its a bit rusty there are pics on the forum somewhere i'll try and see where they are on here,might need a few days to find them coz the old mans in hospital visiting most of the time,give me till weekend or try find them yourself there on there somewhere :-)
  • Cheers sticks, soon as u get chance is good. Just let me know.
  • Cheers sticks, soon as u get chance is good. Just let me know.
  • Hi sticks thanks for the offer but I'm going for a new after Market one intend on keeping it, so should be good investment, thanks anyway. sure cubicpete will take it!
  • hi pete if your interested where abouts are in devon ?
  • Hi Sticks

    Sorry for the slow reply. I'm just between Axminster & Lyme Regis. I pass your way (up the M5) once a month to visit my folks so maybe we could arrange something for next time I'm through (probably in a couple of weekends time). No worries if you sell to anyone else before then, just let me know.

  • hi pete give me a bell when your down visiting and do my best to be in :-)
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