hey all

hey every one back from holiday had a great time my only dissappointment was only seeing one Nissan Cube in Miami.
got back in to london yesterday the cube started up first try after 3 weeks parked up was so happy to get back in it and drive it away. :)


  • lucky sod i've never seen a cube outside britian and beleive me i look everywhere
  • Maybe we should holiday in Japan! I saw one the same as Eurobobs in New York, couldn't get the camera out quick enough to take a snap!
  • i would love to do japan
  • I can put a bagle on me bonnet and you can pop over to wales on a sunny day and take a pic if needed! 8)
    Forgot to post i saw a silver (dark) gen 3 leaving services by avonmouth bridge last week (midweek?) at about 9am???
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