New owner in Epsom

Got my 2010 Kaizen today, I'm besotted! Do most of my miles on a motorbike and so don't really like cars. I love the fact that everyone thinks it's so awful. A friend said his 2 year old is mad about cars and points at every car he sees and says 'Car!'. Apparently when he saw my Cube it was the first time he had seen a car and NOT said 'Car!'.

Any advice for helpful service garages in Surrey or Sussex?

Loving my Cube!!!



  • Welcome to another Surrey Cube owner,,, Lets see some pics. :-) I am working in Ashtead this week... so might spot you.. I,ll be in my Gen 2..
  • Hi Matthew

    Welcome to the world of cube ownership. :)
  • Nice to see another Surrey owner! Not seen a Gen3 locally yet.
  • As said above! Hope you like being stared/grinned at 8)
  • Here are a couple of pics. I love this car, my colleague said it looks like a baby seal. I paid£7800 for it - what a lot of car for the money, I'm the one laughing!!
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