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is anybody interested in trying to do a couple of proper meets next year ?


  • I'd be up for it 8) (depending on distance)

  • Me too, i have been mega busy as was hoping to try to sort out the longleat meet so hold my hands up to that, might be worth trying to meet before xmas? wasnt cuban trying to organise meet at the ace cafe??? 8)
  • :D I,ll be up for it too...depending on distance... :-)
  • well it looks unlikely to meet up b4 xmas but i'm up to meet up most places even if it means getting my tent out to sleep overnite (santapod maybe or down south)maybe tag on to another car event to start with,then maybe a cubefest mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm might be getting carried away
  • Yes I'd be up for a meet I quite like your idea Sticks. Is Japfest on the cards anytime soon does anyone know?
  • Definitely up for it.

    I've spent too much time under my cube/s and not enough time out in them over the past 2.5 years.

    I'm going to organise a Midlands run out (Worcestershire/Warwickshire/Staffordshire) in early spring. Say March? Where we meet up in a car park and have a steady convoy around a set route and laugh at peoples reactions as we drive by. Then end the day with a pub meal.

    Japfest is usually May and Japfest 2 was in July this year so I think we should do both of those.

    Sticks do you want to organise a WSM / SW run for June?

    Any takers to organise a meet in August / September - maybe London / South East?

    Let's plan it now so we've got a solid date / location / organiser for each.
  • yeh i'm up for lots of meets next year as long as there organised,time dates venue etc,yeh i'm up to organise a sw meet if any people wanna chuck some ideas around :-)
  • bob whats reckon on a welsh meet some loveleeeeeeeee mountains around your neck of the woods tag on another car club meet to start with maybe ?
  • :-) Tidy.... 8)
  • Japfest 2012 is on Saturday 12th May.

    Put it in your diaries.... 12/05/12 8)
  • Japfest not long then! 8O
    Aye, plenty of scenery over here, Brecon Beacons would be a nice drive but a bit of a drive for anyone past brizzle mayby??? 8)
  • anybody intrerested in a overniterrrrrrrrrrrr doesn't matter where it is then,cube,beers,tent and good company
  • I'd like to come along to the midlands meet if it's an open invite? Haven't even driven her yet but would love to come along to a get together:-)
  • All welcome, no astras!!!! 8)
  • im up for it. next year i will be doing alot more with the cube and will be going to alot of shows with mod gb
  • i'm looking at ace cafe website later if its a go errrrrrrrrrr who's up for a proper meet like we have at japfest
  • so thats 6 deffo's so far i'll really look into it on weekend and keep you all posted
  • Yeay count me in.
  • hi all,i'll look into ace cafe tomorrow nite but as far as sw meets go how about the 38 cafe (plymouth)
  • Well if its on a weekend it'd be rude not to :wink:
  • yeh if i plan a meet it will deffo be on a weekend bcoz most people cant make week days(work comitments)all i need is a month that suits most people,so what month suits most?
  • Keep me posted, im in!
  • i'm thinking MAY time for the sw meet
  • We've already got Japfest as a May South West Meet! ;)
  • i no japfest is in may i'm only trying to get a month suited to all, the quicker people tell me what month suits them then i can sit down and organise a meet bcoz i don't want to organise a meet if nobody turns up.:-)
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