Engine Oil

Sorry for the silly question, what type of engine oil do I need for my Gen 3 cube?


  • Just had mine serviced at main stealers and they left me a pressie of a 1l Pentronas Syntium 500xs which is 5w-30 (same as i put in my gen 2 cube but i used nissans own oil). Anyway, long as its posh synthetic stuff then its fine, we get club discount with opie oils (do a search on here)so try them! 8)
  • I'm puzzled now? I checked the handbook for the cube gen 3 and it stated to use 5w 30 engine oil but when i attended the main dealer they said to use 10w 30? I only bought the oil in order for top ups. As yet I haven't had to top up the oil but it seems strange how the book says one thing and the dealer says another? :?:
  • Thats nawty, Nissan should not have told you 10w-30, its 5w-30 for a reason, mainly that the newer engines have highly polished journals (from data i collected on my HR15DE engined 2006 CVT 1.5cc cube, gen 2) which reduce friction and increase engine mpg etc but need that specific oil, so id stick to what Nissan book says, not main stealer! 8O
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