Cocoa gets a proper workout

Last week we had a holiday in South Wales, around the coast from Tendy to St Davids area and everything in between. We stayed in a self catering cottage on a farm and unknown to me the road - READ TRACK! to the house left a lot to be desirted! It was a litterally a farm track with a high ridge in the middle! Just as well I never lowered mine and I am not going to after this. So it coped well nop loss of grip only covered in a thick mud layer.

As I have mentioned before, luggage capacity is excellent and everything fitted in (below) window line and under the cover at the back. Return trip had more stuff as other half has got into antiques and junk !!! Still no problem for the Cube.

No matter where it was taken it just plugged away without any fuss. I am so pleased with this car it just does what you want.

I dont know why people think the 1.6 is a slow engine it is not? One funny thing was a Corsa van behind me for miles obviously wanted to overtake but nowhere to do it (and I was going at the correct speed for the road btw) so to a dual carriageway but up a steep hill, I pull out onto the outer lane and left the fe**r for dead - must have been funny seeing a Postman pat car shoot off uphill!

The number of people that would walk up to it - stand there looking at it and go to the back to see the name on the badge? It was quite funny!

Best thing was fuel ecconomy. On the way down (motorway all the way from Manchester) averaged about 44.5 mpg. We decided go back via central Wales instead if anyone knows is all up and down left and right A roads , well I averaged about 50mpg - in fact I used 1/4 tank to get from Tenby area to Chester and a lot in torrential rain and other bad weather- not bad eh?

Love this car.....

If anyone still has doubts about buying one .....


  • hi, we took ours to wassanear in holland during the summer holidays from stoke via the euro tunnel, through belgium and into holland, the 2 girls where comfortable in the back watching films and sleeping, the boot was packed with 2 large cases and 2 large sports bags plus a chiller box. i averaged a speed of 75mph and was getting between 45 and 50 mpg i managed to get there on just over a tank of petrol. got the same on return leg,
  • Nice one they really are a good all rounder! Best kept secret in the Uk
  • the wife gets a bit miffed at folk looking at the car and pointing but i tell her they are looking a the hunk behind the wheel.
  • I am in wales on holiday at the moment and i totally agree with what you said! its such a practical and awesome car, mpg is great, 1.6 engine is great, and the amount of heads that turn puts a smile on my face :P
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