Differences between LDN and KAIZAN models?

Looking to buy a Cube — what are the differences in the two models available? The LDN and KAIZAN?

Also, is it possible to have a discreet tow-bar fitted?


  • Greetings Mr Bugblatter!, welcome (hopefully soon driving one) to the cube club! :lol: 8)
    I have a LDN (also CVT auto so extra rare!)which has the brown velour seats (i like them, others throw up!) and cream dash/leather steering wheel/cream velour door inners, its also got climate control. Only a 100 LDN`s in the UK!.
    The Kaizen is the top spec cube with sat-nav and reversing camera with mood footwell lighting and groovy kickplates with blue led "cube" on them.
    Thats it in a nutshell, the `basic` entry level cube (3 versions in total for UK market) still has the cruise control/sunroof etc but none of the LDN or Kaizen goodies.
    Bargain motors at the mo, can get a basic Gen3 for around 7.5k, you can also get a good spec Gen2 Cubic (7 seater) for around 7k if you prefer the older proper import shape (cubes from 2002-2007, again old shape, are anything from between 3 and 6k)ive had both so can waffle about both, good or bad! 8)
    As to the tow bar, yes, witter do one (see link), now much cheaper than when i last looked! Fitting by main stealer also not cheap, check it dont affect warranty if other garage fits it!
  • Thanks for the information. I didn't even know about the Cubic ...
  • Hi Bugblatter and welcome... and Bob talking of towbars...would you know if a micra or note towbar would fit a Gen 2 ? they are only 70 quid...cheers Mike
  • Plenty of info on this forum bugblatter on both gen2s and gen3s so fill your boots! 8)
    In regards to a micra one fitting mikey, prob not as back subframe is only the same on a note as far as im aware but i may be wrong? :oops:
  • :-) Thanks Bob.....I will have to stalk tescos car park and find a nissan note and have a look underneath... :wink:
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