Cube Club in New Zealand?

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Just signed up and a new owner of a cube and yes i LOVE my cube

I was wondering if anyone may know if there is a cube club here in New Zealand.

I have seen a few here in Hamilton driving about but can seem to find a club if there is one.

Cheers very much if you have any information you could share.


  • Welcome to the club! you could try doing a search to see if we have any other NZ members within our club! Lets see some pics then! 8)
  • I will do some....kinda dark here at the moment...(12:34am).....but I will get some done

    Yeah I thought I mite see what I can do in starting up a club, should be fun, only fun people own cubes
  • Hello Vorta, Welcome. I am in Auckland. There are a few Cubes around, but no club that I could find as yet. Would be great if we started a Cube Nz Collection.
  • Hey Square 1.

    Yeah I agree.

    There are some Cube here in Hamilton.....give me a few days to think up a plan to get this rolling....that or take over the world. Im not sure how to do it but I am great at doing research so I am going to out my thinking cap on. I have a few ideas....let me see if they will work

    How do you like your Cube?

    They are great, aren't they. My brother is a HOG Biker, all leather and the sorts, but one drive in my car and now he takes it to work on my days off :lol:

    Thanks for the reply too.

    Let us try and do something here in Kiwi Land.

  • Hey V, I liked the look of the of a cube so took one for a test drive and now am a proud owner. I am slowly trying to get extra bits to make her unique.Sounds like a plan to get a NZ Chapter going, let me know how I can help. Cheers Dean
  • Hey Dean

    How is it going?

    Ok.....I have been working on the club idea and have come up with a plan, I am just going to smooth out a couple of things before I give it to you and get your feed back on it.

    So what are you looking to do to your Cube?

    Luckily when I purchased my Cube it cam with 17" mags and brand new tryers are well (Excellent)
    I did put on a Coby tip just the other day, I choose one that suited the look of the Cube, personally I think thats important.
    Now I am looking for a new head unit, there is nothing wrong with my current one, it just looks a bit ugly (lol)

    I was like you, I jumped into a Cube, in fact it wasn't the car I went down to buy, I always buy my cars from the same dealers, and I just happen to help move one of the cars (Cube) blocking my intended purchase a (can't remember what I was going to buy). I said to Phil (car dealer) could I take this one for a drive, went around Hamilton for about 20 minutes and went back and said, i will pick this one up in the morning.....SOLD...

    Have a good one dean and talk soon

  • Hey V, Glad to help as much as I can. Would like to start with wheels. I got the standard steel wheels with hubcaps :( Would like to get the wheels as on my avitar, then sounds. Got a double din unit coming from JPN.
  • yeah they look pretty decent
    hope ya find them

    what kind of head unit are you getting?

    I hope to get a jvc kw-xr816 its a double din plus they can be in one of the glove departments a rear lend for my iPod
  • I like the JVC, it suits the look of the cube. I was going to get the XR616, but saw this Nissan head unit that has GPS,DVD,radio and can play my Itouch for about the same price, so Ill wait and see how it fits and works.
  • Hey Dean

    How are things going?

    I have been away and just got back, missed my Cube a whole lot lol

    I was thinking of how a club could be formed, welcome your feed back

    First, determine what the club wants to be about, which is of course about Nissan Cube cars.
    Next the club expands or limits the car model such as Classic or New. I feel it should be for Cube cars from 2002 onwards. I feel the reason for this is that any cube before 2000 looks to different from our current models. The new 2010 model still holds similarities to the 2002 models and later.
    I believer the purpose of the club is to meet up with people who share a common interest and I also believe that we can share information between us such as where to go for mechanical advice or repairs to how to upgrade your own Cube and the such.

    Next step is to get out into the community to spread the word about the club, its purpose and future goals.
    Auto stores, club web page, wed sites such as car sites, local council sites, asking dealers that sell Cubes to place a card in the car, auto magazine club pages, cards on cubes seen around town….

    Find a place to meet, somewhere that has room for cars to park. If we have members in both cites why not hold it bi-monthly in each city.

    To me the first logical step is to let people know of the Cube Club, set up a website or forum to get to know each other. Try to inspirer other Cube owners to join into the discussion.

    What do you think?

    Oh and how did you get on with that head unit you were looking at?

  • me and ukyo ( my gen 2) will be moving to NZ in the near future have visa just need to sell house will be moving to palmy north and we would love to be involved in a NZ club
  • hey

    yeah i hope to get one as in club up and running

    on the look out for more members.....keep in touch see what happens
  • what happened to the Cube club, I'm in Auckland now, and just got another cube<br>
  • were still all here, face have changed and the facebook group is a lot more popular however there aren't huge numbers in Newzealand from memory. The australian crowd are pretty numerous and so contacting them through facebook should give you an easy source of parts.
  • What is the New Zealand Cube Facebook page called?
  • I don't believe there is a dedicated New Zealand page that I am aware of. We have a few New Zealanders in our group and I think a few are members of the Australian group as well to source parts from them. 
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