Greetings from Brisbane Australia


  • upload didnt work trying again

  • :D Hi from another recent newbie..Lingfield U.K.. Cool looking cube ! 8)
  • Nice moon discs and welcome to the club! Clean looking cube! 8)
  • Welcome, nice car, nice wheels, and nice tyres. :)
  • welcome to the site. i like the wheels :)
  • Nice Ride, Welcome. You have a great store over there for spare bits.
  • Thanks I'll put pictures up of my new cube should be ready next week
  • Love those wheels!
  • standard steel wheel moon caps e-bay $120 whitewalls e-bay $20 plus freight and a lot of swearing getting them to fit properly
  • Welcome mate - fab wheels indeed on a nice Cube - more pics of the wheels please
  • Hello :)

    Nice CUBE! ;)
    I have just joined this site & glad to find someone else from Brisbane QLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Great car in a great place :)
    Love the classic style to your cube, the wheels look really great and set it off!

    James !! :D
  • didn't even get my new cube registered
  • That sucks dude where were you taking it unrego'd? <br>My Dad spotted it at a local wrecking yard, so I went down and bought the grille. <br>So, your loss won't be in vein, it's helping Cube's all over Logan City. :)
  • I thought it was a Blue one  you was having? The original pic you posted isn't that Green one? Real shame that, I love the Green colour :((
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