Roof Bar

Hi all
Does anyone know where is the best place to get the roof bar for the 3rd Gen Cube?

Also, my cube has wind deflector installed, would that cause any issue to installing the roof bar?



  • Cost me about £160 with aero bars, snow chains something or other online, will get you the info if you need it, £240 plus from halfords! 8O
  • Thanks Eurobob, I have managed to find it online around the similar price as you stated.

    For everyone's information -
  • Found the info anyway, i used this company before so hapy to order again! 8)
    was £178 inc vat, doh! (aero bars)
  • <P>I have a pair of "New" Nissan Roof Bars suitable for a new model cube which I would consider selling !!!!</P>
    <P>Mike Ashmore.</P>
  • Hi Mike,<br><br>How much are you after for the roofbars and do you have a picture of them?<br><br>Cheers<br>Paul<br>
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