APOLOGIES - Forum downtime

Hi everyone, big apologies for yesterday's downtime. Our web host MediaTemple had an issue with some databases, affecting ours.


  • Public flogging on the severn bridge at 8am sharp tomorrow! 8)

    Only joking! 830! I like to think you do a cracking job keeping this forum going on top of family and work commitments and i think you deserve a big pat on the back along with the admins, good work fellas! :D
  • Good work monster :)
  • Don't worry about it, just one of those things. :)

    Quite handy we've got the facebook group now though so we've got other ways of contacting each other too.
  • Yeah it did prove to be quite handy in that situation :) I'll promote it a bit more on the site, maybe up in the top banner ^
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