Official Facebook group

Facebook page for the group is now up.

Facebook: Nissan Cube Owners Club

Might be nice to start adding some galleries for all our meets etc. so I'll get started tonight :)


  • Tidy! people with real names! how shocking! i had to rejoin to view! lol, good skills as ever kieron! 8)
  • :)
    My CubeClub nick is my real surname....
    I have fake surname on FB :lol:
  • The Facebook group is surprisingly busy these days. We're up to 143 members on there so make sure you join!
  • I dont likey spacebook but will add my low key/undercover self :-$
  • Hi Larry, I just approved a few new members on facebook :)
  • Just joined here and on FB as hunting down my first cube at the minute (going to view the 5th one I've looked at buying Saturday) so hopefully I'll have a car to ask questions about and join the fun with soon. If not then the hunt will continue!
  • Hi im phil ,and I'm looking for reflector that sits in the rear bumper of a 2010 ,manual, cube drivers side ,can any one help .
    Many thank..
  • Hi all, been on the FB page for a couple weeks. Also owned a 3rd gen/z12 cube for a couple of weeks. Just figured I'd come check out the forums too! 
  • Welcome frosted, you'll find most of the same folks on both sides but there are a few here who don't facebook and visa versa.
  • Nathan we will require a copy of your passport, driving license and 2 utility bills clearly stating your address as proof of non Troll to be accepted ............. pmsl, only kidding of course  8-}
  • Sorry been a little busy getting to the accepts!
  • Good. Can I inform my visitors at about the group ?
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