How to change oil and oil filter on gen 2

this job took 30mins for me to do
1) Start by removing the oil filler cap, this will allow the oil to drain properly

2)On the gen 2 the oil drain plug is slightly towards the drivers side of the engine on the sump. It requires a 14mm spanner or socket to remove it.

3)The oil will pour out. Make sure your bowl will safely hold four and a half litres of oil. I used an asda washing up bowl I bought for the job. i then put in about 1lt of the new oil in to drain any old oil out as you can see the oil is clean coming out now.

4)When the oil has finished draining, make sure you remove the copper crush washer from the sump plug and fit a new one as shown.

5)If you lie on the ground and look up under you will see that the filter is on the back of the engine above the drive shaft.

6)go to Halfords and get this oil filter removal tool. The metal strap has dimples on the inside of it so you can get a really tight grip on the old filter to unscrew it.

7)when i took it off i got a face full of oil even tho is has been drained so watch out lol

8)new filter on

9)now just to put the new oil in job done


  • Nice guide, did the oil filter come off easy enough?

    I was too scared to swap mine a coupe of years ago in case I knocked the car off the jack while trying to get it loose. :?
  • Could no do it by hand so I got my mate to take me to go and get that gizmo still got a face full of oil on me lol when it came off
  • Excellent write-up. Thanks for making the effort. No doubt this will be a great help to others.
  • Perfect Guide!
    Something for peeps like me lol :D
  • Excellent Guide, I'm going to do mine before the winter sets in on the Isle of Wight
  • The oilfilter is full of oil, or should be.... so no matter how long you leave it to drain, there will be some left.
    Which will splash out and down when filter is taken out.
    Is there room under filter to put a smaller pan, tub, mug or something, to catch that oil ? Haven't checked myself, asked the local garage to do it, as I don't wan't to do it out on the street... :oops:
  • Good work, great guide.
  • Just a quick tip, before carrying out an oil change run the engine to warm the oil.
    Once warm the oil becomes thinner and drains better once you've removed the plug.

    There are a few types of oil filter removal tools available, my preferred one is the type that is a fabric loop attached to a socket, they don't require as much room as the type pictured above.
  • I found that getting at the oil filter from underneath the car was a bit of a pain. I take the drivers side front wheel off and you get much better access to the filter with whatever filter undoing tool you have. It might take a few minutes, but it makes it much easier.

    I have a mole grip type thing which goes round the filter and works nicely.
  • How much oil back in once it's drained?

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