Im new here and have a big problem and im very worried about it.
My nissan cube second generation automatic 1.4 bz11 engine has a serious problem.

The car has been running fantastic,really is great ride.The other day I got in the car and she took some time to start.
The engine kept popping really was a popping noise from rear end.The car did startbut would not move very fast so i persevered and eventually she ran a little better but would not go above 50 miles an hour.If i tried to go faster the car would engine would pop pop eventually after about 10 miles she came to a halt,and that was that.She just would not start again.I was towed to a garage that is very back street but good guys.I was told it was my starter motor so i got a second hand one which is fine starts up the engine but will just not turn it over.

The guys have tried everything they are now saying the timing must have jumped out of time.or a engine valve has gone which could mean thousands of pounds in work.
Im very worried indeed as the car dispite its age is on a finance deal.
Please,has anyone had a problem like this, are the guys missing something!!!

Is it better to go for a new engine !!any ideas.


  • i did have that poping once but it went after i change the oil some of the cubes can have a problem with starting nissan did a recall to fix it i dont know if its that tho
  • it could be the cam sensor as a few peeps on here had that sort of problem . try that first or see if you can get on diagnostic should tell on that engine wise all parts are nissan micra k12 so watch don't get ripped off sayin special parts needed. let us know if first idea works
  • Aye, cranshaft sensor was it? also theres that relay that nissan changed, thread on here somewhere as i put the diagram up? :lol:
  • Thank you so much for your replies.
    I have been out of this world for many months,pleased to say my ship has landed back firmly in the uk.Its great to take control of my cube once again.
    The timing chain had jumped off and automatic tentioner had reached the limit.What can a guy say !!
    I should of paid more attention to the service book having taken on the car.
    Well its all mine now!! short finance deal now over.
    The full cost of repair was £430 .00 parts, timing chain kit oil etc £300.00 labour so yes a costly mistake !!Nissan garage wantted £2000.00 complete,I told them to go ---------.
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