CVT Transmission fluid change

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I bought my cube used from Japan and as is the norm i got no owner's manual so i would like to
know how often should the fluid be changed ??


  • hi mike, nissan state 60-70,000 miles, i did my 1.5 cvt gen 2 oil last summer, NS2 is the stuff and nissan only, you will need at least 7 litres (if you use my method, nissan flush it through and use 12!!) if you do a search on me all the info will be on there 8)
  • Thanks Eurobob.
  • I heard that the cvt has 6 that true ??
  • yup six speed, although as its constantly changing its hard to tell! 8)
  • the cvt is a 'infinate number of gears' gearbox, basically constantly variable. (the C and V in CVT)

    the 'six speed' bit is basically a gimmick as it gives it 6 preset 'gear' positions to make it seem like a 6 speed....
  • <p>I have a 2007 cube cubic CVT I would like to flush CVT oil but im not sure which line is in and which is out. </p><p>This is the setup one line from tranny to radiator then from radiator to cooler then from cooler back to tranny. From research online nissan recommend pulling outlet from cooler but can anybody tell which is oulet</p>
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