I GOT ONE...... Lots of questions though???

Hello everybody

I can now reveal that as of Wednesday I am the owner of a 2004 plate nissan cube in silver I LOVE IT. But I do have lots of questions so please feel free to answer as many as you like.

1. The instructions are in Japanise, anyone have a translated version??

2. When I start up the blue temp light is on but goes of shortly, is this normal???

3. It was imported late last year and the importer has shoved an ugly fog light next to the rear reg plate, any one else have a nice solution to this, thinking some kind of LED???

4. petrol filler flap looks like its not central??

5. Only got one key, it is an actual key with central locking buttons on it. I will need a new one as I always misplace things??

6. in the passangers foot well there are some clips that look like they hold something circular, mine is missing, do you know what it is??

7. none of the glove bows have locks on them, is there a lockable version avalible??

Thats about it for now but I am sure more will come, all information greatfully recived.




  • Hi!

    1. http://cgi.ebay.ie/JPNZ-Nissan-Cube-and-Cubic-Owners-Handbook-02-05-/250593122589?pt=UK_CarParts_Vehicles_Manuals_Litterature_ET&hash=item3a5883991d#ht_737wt_1141

    2. My light stays for a while but not too long, if you not sure check engine coolant lvl, but as long as red one is not showing that should be fine

    6. http://forum.cubeownersclub.co.uk/topic/3268#post-12917

    thats all what I can help :D
    Enjoy your ride :)
  • 1. As Kiszka mentioned

    2. Yep, perfectly normal, it goes off when the engine has warmed up.

    3. Some of us have relocated the fog light to the reverse light on the right cluster here's mine:


    4. Over time the hinge seems to become a bit sticky so when the fuel flap is closed it bends the hinge a little, thus moving the cap out of line. Just force it back.

    5. These can be tricky, however some people on the forum have had varying success have a search through the site (use a Google site search like this - site:http://forum.cubeownersclub.co.uk/ spare key )

    6. This is to hold the road flare, some of the cubes still have them, some don't. I think this is a legal thing in Japan, to have a road flare, much like France where you have to have a warning triangle.

    7. Not that I know of.

    Nicely formatted questions by the way, and welcome to the club. Post up some pics when you get a chance :)
  • Hey

    Welcome, I can help with question 6!! Its for a Flare, if you break down you crack it open and put it in the road! Like Ian Malcom used in Jurassic Park to fend of f the T Rex!! Lol. Just like the T Rex the Cubes vision is based on Movement!!!
  • Me got spare flare if anyone needs it? (well, i took it out of me gen 2 before i sold her) bout three years out of date but cos its a firework type thing im not posting it!!! 8O :lol:
  • 1. From Ebay, thats where I bought my english one
    2. Normal, it just shows the coolant is cold, will go off after driving a while
    3.Check the Japfest pics, several solutions, the best looking is the factory version of drivers side reversing lamp being red. As I also had a HUGE red one hanging under bumper, I simply opened the rear light unit, revired the fogwire to drivers side reversing lamp, and fitted a bright red LED inside, and it did pass the MOT, advance warning the LED must be really bright !. Also seen some nice small ones fitted to the right side of number plate.
    4.Switch is under the steering wheel, down there , close to your right knee.
    5. Outch, having the same problem....
    6. Yes, as mentioned, flare.
    7. Havent seen one with locks

    Have fun !
  • 4 , seems to be independently controlled, by wire? That you pull from under the dash.
  • Lol .... but .... as above , welcome to the club and enjoy your silver cube ;)
  • Thanks guys and gals, will take the out of date flare of your hands in passing lol. Have been trying to find a torch to fit in it.

    Have a new key now - £18 on ebay - £15 for the cutting and the programming will be done by the car "apperntly" (watch this space).

    I have swapped the fog light to one of the reversing lamps and added a led red bulb, it looks much better but I dont think its bright enough, What bulb did you use in yours and how did you get it red???

    Also I have just ordered the book as recomended for every english owner lol.

    YOU have a roof rack, were did you get that??

    Also more questions???

    1. what litre size is the petrol tank??

    2. has anyone had any issues with engine bay steam cleaning??

    3. What is the best size wheel for the cube (gen 2) as it came with halfors 17" and when the car is full I get arch rubbing, which annoys!!!

    All help greatfully appreciated.




    Can I change my user name / password on here as I dont like mine lol
  • Be careful with the flare -they are technically illegal in this country although I kept the one out of my Fig a few years ago! Ahem (but its in a steel box at home rather than the car!

    Enjoy your Cube mate
  • 41 litre tank
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