Problems in posting here

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I have tried to post several replies to several questions here.
They seem to go allright.... except when I check later on, WITHOUT signing in,
they are not visible at all... :?:

I have a funny feeling, that after signing in I do see them ??? Am I going crazy or what ???


  • funny you say that i had same prob the other week i could see my post but no one else could monster monster sorted mine out though sounds like there is a bit of a glitch... :mrgreen:
  • So I am not the only one..... hmmmm :?:

    I am pretty confident I replied several times, and just did not check those.

    Yesterday I didnt sign in, on purpose. And none of my replies were visible.....
    except after signing in, I can see them !!!! Weird....
  • Try updating your details/avatar, that may help. i think thats what i did when we went over to new site and i had problems? other than that ask MM as hes the main man! 8)
  • I've had the sam issue as well?
  • I tried changing my avatar but it has'nt made any difference? Appears my posts on topics i started aren't showing up but are showing up on topics started by other people?
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