Cube birthday cake!

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Look what I got for my birthday today! How fantastic is that? It's so good I just wanted to share it with you guys and gals. Emma, my deputy at work, is a bit of a cake-making heroine and made this cake for me. I particularly love the squashed hedgehog and reference to the Pope on top (they call it the Popemobile at work - well, that and 'Pube'!)


Spike (aka Mothy)

[attachment=12328,209] [attachment=12328,210]


  • Does it taste as good as it looks? :)
  • Oh yes! Emma's mortified that there was a bit of subsidence at the rear but, considering she made it from scratch in a couple of hours last night, it looks great - at least it definitely looks like a Cube. It's got all the correct assymetric windows and rear indicators and brake lights on it! ;-)
  • Sweet! (literally) hehe

    I had a Cube cake a couple of years ago I'll dig the pics up tonight.
  • l had what l thought would be a copy of my cube ,made into a cake , and because l have a transformer badge instead of usual nissan , it was shaped into a skip , wont cut it up though, will put pics on soon , <div>its been called a popemobile as well postman pat , my daughters named Jessie so she hates getting into it , oh hum</div>
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