Another week, another new Cube spotted. (Lincolnshire)

>>>My 60 reg white Cube lives with me just North of Lincoln.
>>>A couple of weeks back I spotted a white Gen3 in Gainsborough Lincolnshire.

>>>Last week I found another one, a white Kaizen again, just over the border in Nottinghamshire.

>>>Today I find a white one hiding in a residential part of the city of Lincoln - HN59???

Yes I know its poor quality photo taken by my passenger, but we were driving past at the time :oops:

Come on, own up, are any of them your Cubes?


  • The one in Nottinghamshire - may or maynot of been me - I'm based in Nottingham - FL10 is the start of my white Kaizen 10 plate cube with 8 ball stickers... :S
  • The one I saw near Bawtry (Notts/Sth Yorks border) is owned by a couple from Isle of Axholme {Nth Lincs area, East of Doncaster}
    [b]I spoke to them as they were parked in a layby. They dont have any graphics on it, just a little tow bar![/b]
    Their reg plate begins with a 'Y' for Yorkshire :)

    The only Cube Ive seen with an 8 Ball on the side in the East Midlands was parked at a Co-op Motor group dealership a while back - I'm not sure if it was at their Nottingham or Derby showroom. :D Did you ask to have the 8 ball stickers put on yours [b]or was it the car Co-op used as a display/demo?[/b] :P

    If so I may have sat in it before you bought it. :mrgreen:
  • i have 2 cubes in nottingham....
    may b good to see other cubes around

    I have a little pirate-flag aerial-tip on my Cube, and was amazed to find another Gen3 white Cube parked near to me in Lincoln this morning with an identical aerial tip - they also have the proper Nissan skull and crossbones graphics on the doors!

    [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG]
  • Im a new Cube owner in Lincolnshire, 11 plate one in Boston!!! Hi all
  • Yippee, another Lincolnshire Cube! :)
  • Spot Number 1 this morning: a White Cube on the A15 North of Lincoln, reg plate something similar to F?60KCC :-)

    Spot Number 2 this morning:
    White Cube Kaizen in North Lincs.
    I have seen it before, but I had a camera with me today -
    it lives in the Gainsborough Lincolnshire area.

    [i]Easily identified by the fluffy tigers on the dashboard,
    and the circular orange and blue [b]GB / Disabled[/b] sticker to the rear door[/i] :lol:

  • Spotted a white one parked on Silverstreet in lincoln over the weekend
  • It was probably us!
    We were parked near the Bank Street junction on Saturday 2pm and again Sunday 2.30pm-ish for about an hour. :)

    Do you have a Gen2 or a new shape Gen3 Cube?
    Do you have any photos of your Cube pault64 and I will keep an eye out for you?
  • Unfortunatly i dont have a Cube at the moment, but hoping to get one this year Gen2. I have a Yaris at the moment which needs to stay as wife not convinced about a Cube, Yet!!!
  • Another one spotted! Just outside Lincolnshire, over the border into Nottinghamshire.
    A White Gen3 Cube in business livery.

    It looks like the glass in the wing mirror is in need of slight attention

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