I have some more 10 plate CUBE'S (LDN'S + KAIZENS ) for sale at my nissan branch

Hi Folks,

I have secured some more ex nissan demo Cubes.

I have a white 1.6 LDN and some kaizens in various colours available too,some CVT's but very very few of those, all very low miles with balance of warranty and usual nissan facilities.

I can arrange for delievry anywhere in UK, I am willing to take p/x's against them too.

I have sold 31 of these mega cars this year alone ;)

Contact me if you fancy one



  • Hi Tim

    How many Nissan cube's do you have available now?

    What are the current prices?

    I'm based in Manchester so can come to view.

  • Cube Owners Club discount of course................. 8)
    Ten months old this post mind, plenty of deals out there if you look, good luck :D
  • Hi Eurobob,

    What do you mean club owners discount?

    Do you know where I can get a White cube from
    At a good price?

    What models should I be looking at?
    (which is top spec)

  • Loads of threads on here but in a nutshell, three only, basic entry level one, LDN and Kaizen, all have good level of kit just LDN has choc/cream interior and kaizen has satnav and reversing camera. Mostly manual but a few CVTs about, which is what i have. Depending on your budget the world your oyster/cube! 8)
    P.S. white is the main colour available so you should be ok there!
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