Replacing the Auxiliary and Power steering belts - How to

I do all the work on my cars myself rather than getting a garage to do it and as you all know there is no workshop manual available for the Cube so I though I would put together a How to guide on the work that I do for everyone else to use if they so desire. It maybe worth a new section being add to the forum if this is usful and if others want to contribute also. Anyway here is my first How to ...... Pictures to follow.


  • Belt sizes:
    Auxiliary belt: 1087mm 5 Grooves (Motoquip VFH 399)
    Power steering belt: 670mm 3 Grooves (Motoquip MFH 485)

    Bodywork removal

    1. Remove the front right wheel.

    2. Remove the inner wing and lower front valance plastic.
    4 screws (Cross head) and 12 trim clips

    3. Remove the front bumper and grill assembly, this is easyer than you would think.
    First remove the 2 sets of two M6 bolts (10mm) 1 from each corner of the bumper and two from the bottom bumper corners. Then pop out (flat blade screwdriver) the
    3 sets of two trim clips, 2 from top of the grill assembly, 2 from the upper bumper mounting and 2 from the bottom bumper mounting

    • Reverse above procedure for replacement.

    Auxiliary belt replacement

    1. Slacken off the Auxiliary belt tension adjuster.
    Using a (14mm) spanner slacken off centre bolt a little, then from the front loosen off the tension bolt (12mm) this can be found below the alternater.

    2. Remove the old belt.

    3. Fit the new belt.

    4. Re-tighten the tension bolt, so the there is a 10mm deflection at bottom auxiliary belt.

    Power steering belt replacement

    1. Slacken off the Power steering belt tension adjuster.
    Using a (14mm) spanner slacken off centre bolt a little, then from the front loosen off the tension bolt (12mm) this can be found behind the tension adjuster to
    the back of the tension adjuster.

    2. Remove the old belt.

    3. Fit the new belt.

    4. Re-tighten the tension bolt, so the there is a 10mm deflection at bottom auxiliary belt.
  • Nice one, thanks for putting that up.

    By Auxiliary belt do you mean the Alternator belt?

    Also, is there any reason why you replaced these 2 belts?
  • Thanks, this is very useful.

    Agree. We should dedicate one new "How to ..." section for this. :)
  • Yep, auxiliary belt, alternator belt same thing.

    I did both at the same time so I didn't need redo the other one later, saves my time for the sake of a few quid, that and one was slipping and the other was showing signs of cracking.
  • Ah I see. Mine's slipping at the moment. Where did you get those parts from if you don't mind me asking? Can't find those part numbers on t'internet.
  • Motquip, see the top 3 line of second post ( the instructions) for their part numbers or use the discritpion for any motor factors.

    These are different to the ones listed in their books for the Micra and Note buy the way. If you have trouble let me know, and I piont you in the right direction.
  • Bit of a long post but for weeks I've been in touch with the people I bought the car off, a Nissan dealership and a Japanese car specialist trying to find out what was making the damn squeaking noises (with varying suggestions including belts, pulleys, guide pulleys, bearings) and prices ranging from £50 to £150 for parts, diagnosis, labour etc so thought sod it, I'll try what Dave did, my dad has got a garage with plenty of tools and does all the work on his and my brothers' Impreza's.

    I'm quite a noob to anything mechanical and I was despairing a little which is why I'm posting this is in case anyone else has this problem too so thanks for posting this up Dave, after ordering the parts you my Dad and I fitted them today! and it's all better, no squeaking! :D

    This is basically what happened...

    I went to the website here [url:bdbc7][/url:bdbc7] but couldn't find the parts that Dave mentioned so got in touch on the Contact Us form on the site. 1 hour later someone got in touch with the following:
    The part numbers you require are VFB524 and VFB485. They are both available on our website If you use the quick order option it will give you the prices in the basket for the parts and p and p
    Which is what I did, and then ordered, here's what the order looked like:

    Order Itmes:
    Code: VFB524 - DRIVE BELT Qty: 1
    Item Price: £4.78 Item Total: £4.78
    Code: VFB485 - DRIVE BELT Qty: 1
    Item Price: £2.73 Item Total: £2.73
    Delivery Type: Standard
    Delivery Price: £2.71
    Total: £10.23
    VAT: £1.79
    Order Total: £12.01
    2 days later and they arrived at my house and today I fitted them. It took my Dad and I about an hour and half (but we were chatting for a bit too :p). I took some photos along the way:

    We took 1 of the inner plastic liners out and the second one we simply ziptied out the way to the brake caliper.

    My Dad getting stuck in :)

    There's the bugger

    This is a shot from the top of the engine bay. The bolt you can see is the belt tensioner pulley, which we took off to find out how to loosen it.

    I really didn't fancy taking the bumper and grill off like Dave did but I couldn't believe it when, because of the Rider front bumper, we found a gap to poke a long spanner to undo the tension pulley :)

    This is what the old belt looked like:
  • As a DIY guy myself,im very pleased you got this job done and posted the very important photo's up!
    this is a the type of thing a forum needs.

    i myself am hoping to get some lowering springs etc,so when the time is right i will do the job and take some photos .
    i feel having a car with no real book of knowledge(haynes etc) sharing your photos' is just as good,plus posting part numbers' equally priceless .

    thx for sharing

    RF ;)
  • Hey Guys,

    I'm a bit confused!
    From the manual, our engine use 2 drive belts. Water pump and Alternator belt (see pic below);

    I found these parts from here: [url:c5a3a][/url:c5a3a]
    It seems these two belts fit our CR14DE (different from Dave and mostermonster parts) :-? ;
    VFB510 (alternator)
    VFB496 (water pump)

    But monstermonster, did ordered VFB524 and VFB485 and install them successfully! Which one is correct?
    These what i found in the list. It did not mention our vehicle.

    Please help me, my engine squeaks badly now. :'(

  • Water pump? I thought it was the power steering. Either way, the belts I installed fitted (and are still working great).

    FYI Mine is a 2004 1.4 with Power Steering, A/C etc.

    They are really cheap parts anyway and there's only one way to find out if it will fit :)
  • Hello,

    I had my drive belts replaced. Sent to nissan to service. he he... :P

    some infos to share.

    CR14DE uses two belts;
    1. Water pump belt.
    Nissan Part No# - 1720-AX000

    2. A/C, alternator belt
    Nissan Part No# - 11920-AX001

  • Don't know if you ever got your parts but afetr reading all these threads I tried motaquip and this is the reply I got...

    With reference to your request, your information was passed to our product manager and unfortunately we do not supply drive belts for this particular model.


    Can't seem to find supplier that actually know what they are talking about; looks like I'll have to go direct to Nissan.
  • did you ask for Cube parts, if so then you need to ask for the nissan micra k12 parts.

    Although if yours is the 1.4 not the 1.5 then just get the parts in my post. Their dead cheap anyway.
  • mine is the 1.5
    I didn't realise I had to ask for k12 parts, I'll give it a try :?

    Thanks for the advice. ;)
  • Having just treid the website again there is no k12 listed... :? }:-@
  • hi guys just changed both my belts they were both cracked and slipping dont no if anyone has posted the link to the site i got mine from but here it is hope this helps ... 7&sub=2390 they also do other bits as well
  • Hoping to get the belts tomorrow and see if they match, taking plug in too to try and match as well (as 1.5 cvt 2005 jobby), Hopswollower, will let you know clart! :D
  • I did not haved the tools to do this myself for my squeeky belts. but got my local Nissan Dealer here in New Zealand to replace both belts
    Wow!! my Black Beauty drives smooth as and my Air conditioning is working more efficently now (it's summer here)
    What a difference new belts makes aye!!
  • Yeah absolutely, I found that too. Gave it a new lease of life hehe. Shut up about your Summer! X-D This is the state of our country right now, someone even said to me a couple of weeks ago, "what colour is your car, a light grey is it?" hehe

  • At how many Km/Miles are you guys replacing these belts? because my car has 30K KM on it, but the belts look fine.
  • I cant even loosen the lock nuts, have been previously shredded, what a bugga. :(
  • I just bought the two belts for my Cubic from ImportCarParts ( ) for £12.90 and got my garage to fit it at the same time as I had the MOT done. It took them only 20 minutes - they said it was easy (as they had the hoist) to work from underneath. Anyway, I just thought I'd let you all know that in terms of cost vs effort, it was far easier to get the garage to fit them..

  • Just had my belts changed at my local garage. All that was needed to be removed was inner wheel arch. Took 30 mins. Amazing how much of a noise those belts were making! Jeez! Sounds suuuurweet now!! :)

    Got my belts from

  • Current price from ImportCarParts is now £19.32 inc VAT & P&P.
  • I did mine without removing the bumper. I was able to get access by removing the foglamp blanking plate. The long adjuster bolt was seized solid though. I ended up taking off the whole tensioner bracket and it heating it until it was red hot before it budged. I got my belts from my local friendly motor factor, I just told her the length and number of ribs (ooh er) and she ordered them. Came to less than £15.
  • <p>Cheers for those tips Andrew - think one of the guys above did it through the arch.</p><p> </p><p>with my smoothed bumper it will need to be bumper off if i need to get to the bolt at the front.</p>
  • I modded my one a long bolt was added. just go throw the lower bumber holes now easy. No arch of just bonnet open and a long 13mil socket and 15 mill spanner .
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