Low Cube on BBS'


  • mmmmmmmm dishy! :twisted:
  • nice cube and good blog. :)
  • Mmm Lovely. Brilliant colour. :wink:
  • It;s a lovely colour and tints to match. I wanted the orange, but ended up with silver..

    Mine runs on Lenso rims (http://forum.cubeownersclub.co.uk/topic/2754#post-9435) which have a similar look and although low, the car's about an inch higher than when I bought it as it was totally impractical for everyday driving - I couldn't get over speedbumps or up multistorey carparks. I might lower it back a fraction (maybe 1/2") as I'm better aware of how low I can go now. Attached are pics from the weekend - due to winter weather the light's not great, but you get the idea.. The Cube really does suit "low'n'slow".

    [attachment=11903,160] [attachment=11903,161]
  • Nice rims on a nice cube, suit it down to a tee, you got coilovers then?
    My brm`s i had on my ghia had a sticky out lip like yours, watch the kerbs!!!
    i saw your wheels in black on a site the other day, im tempted by about five types of alloy now! 8)
  • The kerbs are a bloody nightmare - I've already had to polish one scratch out.

    Coilovers are K Sport (similar to http://www.shocks-coilovers.com/KSport_Kontrol_Pro_Damper_System--category--5.html - I'll dig out the full part number shortly) that have adjustable mushroom mounts for camber adjustment. They're bling bits of kit as well as being pretty darn good quality. The previous owner had them imported from Japan (along with the wheels) and had a wicked camber set on the front. It looked v cool but caused the ABS to kick in when stopping on dry tarmac, and it went round corners like Todd Carty on ice - it redefined the word 'understeer', so I reset them to as normal as possible. Also, because I use the Cube every day, I didn't want my tyres wearing out in 500 miles.

    I'll be at JapFest so will see you there.

  • I've had a look at the box for the K Sport shocks in case anyone is interested. The part number is KS-N037
    http://www.ksport.com.au/brand suspension/K_Sport_products_suspension-nissan.html
    They're a standard spring rate.
  • Love the wheels on your cube Spike, it looks brilliant! I'll be keeping an eye out for it around town. It's looking seriously cool!
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