Cube No More

Nissan have now DROPPED the 3rd Gen Cube from its UK Catalogue. This is due to the reccession , bad Nissan Marketing & a general lack of interest by the UK buying public. Sales have only been half the target total, so Nissan dont think the Cube is worth any further effort.
If you really must have a new one , go & offer any Nissan salesman £7.500 to take one off his hands. If not walk away & leave your phone number with him.
Shame really , but I saw it coming.


  • Nissan marketing was different in the different European countries, with distributors free to come up with their own ideas, for their own country, but around some basic "themes".

    For example
    >>that the front end looked a bit like a bulldog/bulldog in glasses.

    >>that it was a bit jacuzzi-inspired/living room-inspired inside the cabin.

    [b]Despite the efforts of the different marketing 'experts' in the various countries the results seem to have been the same:

    Here's how they did it in France: with canine and human models! :)

    [attachment=11822,150] [attachment=11822,151]

  • Although the Gen 3 Cube is now officially Obsolete in the UK. Nissan said that if the Yen/£ exchange rate improves sometime in the near future, they may consider re-launching the Cube back into the UK.

    I Blame poor advertising, no diesel option , CVT auto , & should really have been 1.4 not 1.6.....
  • Having had the Gen3 a week now I have to say I LOVE the 1.6 engine, loads more power than my Gen2 and much more stable. Agree that a diesel engine would of been nice, can't comment on the CVT version. Absolutely right about the advertising, I never saw a UK TV advert once, did I miss one? In contrast the Juke has received a major push. Still I love the uniqueness of the Cube Gen 2 and 3 and probably wouldn't of liked it half as much if it had mass appeal. The Juke is safer for a mainstream audience, lets the norms think they're cutting edge and different (take a bow Mini and Fiat 500 drivers)but it's a lot safer in the looks department than the Cube. The cube is like high designer fashion, appreciated for creating a 'fresh' take on things but mainly shunned in it's purest form, then mercilessly copied, albeit watered down for mass market appeal ala the Kia Soul.

  • Totally agree----I used to own a Dodge Caliber ( NowDeleted) & now own a Dodge Avenger,( now deleted)but like the Cube they were Nich' vehicles. I dont think they were given a chance to find there level on the UK market.

    I think we all belong to Exclusive Clubs ---They didnt sell many Cubes & only sold 1300 Avengers---Do you really want to be driving around in the same car as evertone else??? Not Me !!!!

    So brothers ( of the " Not Everybodies Got One " fraternity)---Long live the Cube---Oh & the Avenger.
  • Totally, in a way I'm glad they didn't go mainstream. I still get excited when I see a Cube on the road Gen 2/3 regardless :)
  • Cant fault the CVT!
    Ive had a gen2 and now a gen3 CVT which are ace to drive, its just a marmite car simple as that, no amount of gearboxes or colours or engine sizes will have shifted them in my opinion, if anything my gen3 has had more interest in the Balfour Beatty office than my gen2 did, prob cos of the bulldog chewing a wasp face! :lol:
    As mentioned above, its nice to be the minority, makes the club that much more uber cool!
  • Well put. I love my Cube. I think a 'Sporty' version would have been nice. Like the Rider but put a 2 ltr motor in.
  • Dash "Sport" light comes on when car starts as does the CVT light but no "sport" button to be found as on my Gen2 so i presume its on all the time or it just lights up for fun? Do you think you will be able to make Japfest this year ron?
  • Like ya thinking there Ron.. a 2ltr version would be great but...... 2.0 SR20DET... :-)
  • Latest Cube advertising in Japan still features a Bulldog wearing glasses - thats what the front grille of a Gen3 Cube in supposed to look like.

    (I notice Japan still have a better Cube colour range than we had in Europe)

  • 'So brothers ( of the " Not Everybodies Got One " fraternity)---Long live the Cube---Oh & the Avenger.'

    Amen to that! :D
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