Fuel consumption of your new CUBE?

What fuel consumption are you getting with your 3rd Gen CUBE?

I've only had mine a couple of weeks and have only done a few hundred miles, but seem to be getting 32 miles per gallon so far. [i]Thats less that the official CUBE figures suggest, but seem to be more than some Nissan Juke owners are getting from the same 1.6 engine[/i] :D



  • Had mine two days so still running in, averaging 38.4 mpg so far on a mixture of motorway and local roads.
  • Thanks for the reply. Crikey I'd be happy with 38mpg.
    I'll see if I can reset the trip thingy to zero and aim for an average 38 over the next few days.

    I just looked at the running in schedule - section 5-2 of the manual, and apart from once when I opened it up to an indicated 100mph (on a private road of course), :wink:
    I have kept it below 4,000rpm. <4,000 rpm equates to an indicated 90mph approx>
  • 400 miles on the clock now, average up to 40.3mpg.

    What are the official figures?

  • Thanks for your update.

    Official Combined Cycle Economy for the CUBE is 42.8mpg with the manual gearbox which is what I have,
    or 40.4 for the CVT. [i]Source: nissan.co.uk website[/i]

    Driving on a short journey and being ultra-careful I got 40.3 mpg a few days ago.
    I was so proud of that achievement I took a photo. :oops:

    Have now done 700 hundred odd miles and think I have done about 36mpg average this week,
    which is poor compared some cars I've had, [i]but it's better than I was getting in the first week.[/i] :)

    I will try harder next week!
  • Ok, 40.3 is our joint personal best.
    Mines a manual too, I'm creeping up gradually but some way from 42.8 mpg.
    I think all official figures are a bit optimistic.
  • cvt for me but only had it for 9 hours! got 38 mpg on way home with me and old man in cube, will check on runs to exeter next week! 8)
  • Up to 41.5 now for my manual, so at least I've got better than the cvt official figures.

    That's the figure from the dashboard computer. I'll work out the 'real' mpg at my next fill up.
  • Driving carefully this week and still I only obtained 38mpg according to the dashboard read-out,
    so I will reset it tomorrow and try even harder for the next few days. :D

    'Real' mpg it likely to be less than that - calculated from fill-up-to-fill-up I suspect mine will actually be low-30s mpg which is not good.

    [i]My new Cube certainly seems to be costing me a lot in petrol, then again a Nissan JUKE (which I almost bought)seems to be giving owners a similar mpg but would have cost me twice as much to buy! [/i] :|

    Some countries get a 'Puredrive' badged lower-emissions Cube, some countries get an "Eco" button in their Cube -
    [i]whether these things help fuel consumption or just make it feel slow I dont know[/i] :)

    [IMG]http://i55.tinypic.com/2pq2osk.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i56.tinypic.com/2wejcqo.jpg[/IMG]


    [i][center]I must try harder next week
    I must try harder next week
    I must try harder next week[/center][/i]
  • Haha we're hardcore on this board, owners of other cars on other forums boast about top speed but us, top MPG. Haha think different :)
  • Reckon im averaging on 34-35 mpg! It feels heavier to drive than my gen2? Anywho, i filled up last night and what with fuel prices and a bigger tank on the gen3 it came to £60!!! and it wasnt really empty, still had 3-4 litres in it! ouch! 8O
  • The engine is nippier than I expected.
    Its certainly not tortoise-slow which for some reason I always imagine Cubes to be.

    I assume it is nippier than a Cube Gen2?
    I dont know I've never driven a Gen2. :(

    I agree monster: I'm in my late 40s and its a sure sign you are old when you compare cars' mpg instead of mph.
    Mine will do an indicated 100 mph BTW, but its not recommended. :lol:

    [i]Am still only managing upper 30s mpg this week according to dashboard readout and paying £50 to £60 a time to fill up the tank is real shock after owning small but fairly economical Ford cars for some years.[/i]
  • My gen2 (1500cc CVT) was well nippy! Used to shock a few people at lights as so torquey but only up to about 25mph then thats it! :roll:
    Gen3 CVT is just as nippy i reckon but going upto 1600cc makes no difference IMOP as its a tad somewhat heavier?. 8)
  • on mine it fills up at £40 and i get 240 miles whats that like and good lol
  • Used to get around 330 miles a tank on me gen2 when i got it, soon went down to 250 after 40,000 miles!! Gen2`s are lighter i reckon and gen3`s heavier due to all the `safety` bits. Gen2`s are def more frugal if you stay below 3000 revs. 8)
  • Glass.co.uk in their review seem to think 41 mpg is a bit optimistic.
    They say:
    [quote][i]...Nissan optimistically claims 41mpg, but we didn't come anywhere near that figure, and 151g/km CO2 isn't exactly class-leading either[/i][/quote]
    Full article here
    [url]http://www.glass.co.uk/RoadTests/c276918d/Nissan Cube.html[/url]

    I failed to get anything like 40mpg this week again -
    averaging a measly 36 according to the dashboard readout.

    [center][i]At £60 a fill-up I need to try harder or the novelty of the Cube will soon wear off[/i][/center]
  • Pootled to exeter and back yesterday, over 230 miles, got 39.1 on a downhill stretch!!!
    but still only avereged 34mpg!!! Methinks nissan had a downhill, downwind testrack! :roll:

    But................ its a pleasure to drive, looks mad, carries all my kit (and a eng grad) and i was snuggled up on nights last night in it on a motorway bridge, very comfy! 8)
  • On-Board computer is now up to 42 mpg which is almost at the official figures. It seems to have flattened out now.
    Tank range is an anticipated 400 miles.
    Will post up the 'real' top-to-top fill up figures next week.
  • Let my missus drive it on Sunday and within about a mile she got the mpg down to 41.8.

    However, with some light-footedness, I've reached a new high of 42.3 mpg on the dash computer.

    Filled up tonight and the 'real' mpg on the last tank full is 39.84.

    Not too shabby I think for 1.6 petrol.
  • good skills! i think the cvt auto is less frugal but at the end of the day its a city car not a motorway cruiser, and i get my mileage paid anyway so no drama, still better tham me mates t5 and i smile more 8)
  • 32.7 mpg average from 22nd to 25th Jan

    25 Jan: had wind deflectors and mud flaps fitted

    42.3 mpg average from 25 to 29 th Jan :lol:

    OK, so it must just be coincidence, or a fluke, but a BIG improvement in consumption for me
    over the last few days - or maybe the display is a bit faulty - :P


  • Just taking it steady around country roads this morning (avoiding hills, motorways, towns and cities) I managed to get up to an average of 45.2mpg :lol: which is brilliant for me!





    Back down to 42.3mpg average now after a trip into the city this afternoon - but it's still a lot better than I was getting before! :o

  • I think my dashboard display is being a tad optimistic,

    it now claims I'm averaging well over 60mpg!

    I wish!

  • I'm getting a bit tired of you Gen 3'rs showing off your digital mpg claims and outside temperature indicators..

  • I get roughly 32 miles per gallon.
  • I took my Gen 3 up to Derby and back today, that's about 200 mile round trip. Averaged 40.1mpg.

  • Said -5c on mine yesterday, as if i didnt know coming in off nights!
    Follow me down to Japfest MM and i will tell you what mpg & temp we got! ;o)
    You get yer sticker?
  • haha ok.

    Yeah I forgot to mention. cheers for that! :) Just trying to figure out which was is up on it :p
  • There is JAF lettering on the badge center, make sure they be the right way up!
  • I have just met a chap with a 60-Reg Cube in North Lincolnshire and
    he says he's getting "low 30s" mpg which is similar when I first got mine.

    [b]I dont know if my digitl readout is COUNTing the fuel consumption very accurately, but
    it now claims I've been averaging just over 40mpg this week, :D which seems quite good[/b]

    As you can see I have done over 1900 miles now and the engine seems to be loosening up nicely. :lol:

  • Finally got mine run in.

    Dashboard reading is now 42.6 mpg.

    Maybe be this loosening of the engine will improve it a bit.
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