Nissan issue recall for 2003-2006 Cubes!

Only just read it on Yahoo news (so it could be an old piece of news, an incorrect piece of news or a made up piece of news...), but thought I'd put it up here. Am just dashing off to work so will try and look further into this over the weekend. The thought occurred to me though, would you be able to get a grey import vehicle sorted for something like this?


  • I've just logged onto post this too.

    On BBC news as well...

    Also made the post a sticky.
  • Just spoken to my local dealers and they know nothing at all about this?
  • Dealers being the last to know something, nothing knew there. ;)
  • Think a few people on here have had ignition problems? mine only failed to start twice, once the RAC chap got it going and said there was no problem then second time it happened i just spent 40 notes on new battery and problem solved!............... fingers crossed! 8)

    As to getting our imported cars inspected and updated with the new part, not a snowballs chance in hell i reckon! :evil:
  • The relays/fuses in the black box under the bonnet are the same in the K12 micra so I might just book it in as a micra and turn up to see what happens. :)
  • i went to the dealers today and they could not check my car as it is an import.
    as CUBED mentioned, the dealers are rubbish. they dont know anything at all.
    they gave me the nissan customer service number to call.
    i called them and gave them my details and they said they cannot check it immediately.
    they would contact me in 3 weeks time by post if (touchwood) there is a problem.
  • Hey CLOT

    Can you share the number, its worth a call just to find out.


  • just been on nissan japan warrenty site and enabled me to put year and model in to search for recals and came bk clear .also noticed on site recal procedure wes not going to be rolled out worldwide till mid december :mrgreen:

    "Any customers with concerns or who want further information should contact Nissan Customer Services on 01923 899334"
  • Thanks Clot.

    Simon can you post the link to the site that you checked your car on please?

  • Hello fellow Cubists
    I have tracked down this page on by doing a google translate.
    The important bit for us is:
    "The power relays for engine control, improper method of manufacturing a diode that is built into the relay, it may lead to a poor conductivity. Therefore, continued use of the box, it may stall out while driving and poor engine starting." - the English translation is nearly as go as us Australians speak.
    A little further down the page it gives the cube model and the quantity of car recalled ( I did not know that Nissan made so may).
    I have a PDF of the page but have not worked out how to post it if some one knows how I will email it to them.

    Over the next week or so I will try to figure out the relays location (if anyone has an idea as to which one it is please let us all know)

  • Thanks for the additional info, does the PDF have translations or the correct part of the page with the affected models?

    When you Reply to this post you should see an option at the bottom of the page saying "Upload Files from your Computer" and Browse and Upload buttons to upload the PDF.

  • Greetings, i did a bit of translation and here goes, sifted out the BZ and YZ info (mines 2006 so not affected!!) 8)

    At the time of power source relaying for engine control, because production method of the diode which is built in to relay is inadequate, there is a possibility of becoming continuity defective. Because of that, when use is continued in that way state, there is engine starting defectiveness and while travelling a possibility of stalling. When there is a standard non-conformance state, the structure which is recognized, circumstance of the device or efficiency and contents of its cause improvement.
    Because also the vehicle which does not become the object is included in the range of the under carriage number where the recall object car is included, concerning details please inquire to the dealership which you buy. Recall object production period of the car does not agree with the time of purchase. Under carriage number is printed to car verification.
    YZ11-000001 ~YZ11-013186 2005 May 13th ~ 2005 November 1st 12,883 units.
    UA-BZ11 CBA-BZ11 DBA-BZ11 Cube BZ11-141666 ~BZ11-312231 2003 November 26th ~ 2005 November 1st 124,494 units UA-BNZ11 CBA-BNZ11 DBA-BNZ11 BNZ11-027192 ~BNZ11-102034 2003 November 26th ~ 2005 November 1st 18,269 units
  • Big tick, gold star, and a certificate of achievement!

    Cheers very much. :)
  • Looks like my car has just done this was going down the raid and it just cut off and would not start again was trying for 15 min to start.

    After one hour looking like a plonked the car started back up. So can any one tell me if is this the fault that Nissan are calling back?

    just notice when coming back that the check engine ligth was on
  • hi peeshooter i have just been on phone to nissan uk to see if we are covered by the global recall of the nissan micra as this vehicle uses the same faulty part as the cube they are going to look at where we stand due to being an import and same engine spec as micra and get bk to me in 48 hours when they have sorced info from japan i have given them the nissan japan recall manifest on nissan jp aswell to work on so fingers crossed they will get bk to me with a referance to use at local dealers to use so work will be carried out under nissan micra recall hope this helps a bit will post the minute i find out...... :mrgreen:
  • good effort Simon!
  • thanks for that
  • UPDATE:: NISSAN UK have contacted me bk with a what to do . take your car to a main dealers and tell them that you have a cube which is on the global recall list the same as the micra is in the uk due to a faulty diode in a relay they should be able to tell if the unit affected the same one as the micra . as our cubes are imports they should still be able to get details through your chassis number. nissan uk said that even if it is an import because it is a global recall this work should come under the nissan micra recall and to be free of charge also give dealers nissan japans recall link to look at on this i havent been able to get to my dealers yet to try so if anyone gets there first post it up and let me know as NISSAN UK are keeping case open if main dealer wont do it then i will have to contact them again so they will get in touch with head quarters in japan to see what more info they can get.

    cheers simon :mrgreen:
  • Result!

    If anyone goes to Nissan with this let us know what happens.
  • Good work, thanks for the update.
  • I know that it's an old thread but my bz11 Cube has been cutting out / stalling when I come to a stop and when I'm on idle.

    I've taken it to several mechanics but they can't seem to fix the issue, though they can confirm that it's certainly not the ignition relay.

    Has anybody else had stalling issues when you come to a stop or while on idle? if so, how was it fixed?
  • Hi Guys,

    I have been through the whole process of the stalling of the Nissan Cube and after testing a few things I have found what the issues are:

    The Ignition relay is actually an issue with the cubes, I found that the Nissan Tiida has the same issue, do not be fooled when reading information about the relay switch being the same as a K12 Micra/March because it is NOT, it is totally different and will/does not fit in the position of the original unless it is cut up! the Nissan Part number is 284B7CW28E, this is the part that Nissan changed on the recalled Tiidas and other vehicles.

    Also another thing that causes the engine light to appear and the vehicle to stall is the intake pipe! this pipe becomes loose over time and was also a recall in the Nissan lot for Nissan Maxima's that use the same set up, how I fixed this issue was to re-route the entire intake pipe so it does not go over the exhaust manifold

    After changing and rectifying these issues I have found that my Cube is now driving 10 times better, smoother with more power and running further on each tank of fuel...

    There is my 2c worth


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  • After changing and rectifying these issues I have found that my Cube is now driving 10 times better, smoother with more power and running further on each tank of fuel...

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  • can't believe i hadnt seen this post earlier..... gonna drag my car down to the nissan garage this week then cos my car has been stalling for ages n the garage couldnt work out why :D ... happy !!!
  • Report back how you get on. :)
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