David's 1.5 Rider

After months of searching and a few near misses I came across the perfect Cube for me! I originally wanted a cube with the neoclassical kit on it, but couldnt find anything that i liked. I then started looking at Riders and fell in love straight away.

I was prepared to go with the 1.4l Riders but after talking to andy and test driving the 1.5 , i really wanted to stick with the 1.5.... and by chance I came across this 1.5 CVT Rider and after a bit of discussion I've just put a deposit down

Before pics of the cube i thought i'd throw up pics of my previous cars

my 180sx - oh how i miss it



and my AE86 - you may remember it being at one of the sydney cube meets



and now pics of my cube:

(sorry camera phone)





It's got the climate control, HID's and Reverse camera (not sure if all riders have this or not but i was chuffed)

The plans for this are to make it a really fun daily cruiser as I do want to take a break modding and drive around in comfort for a while until my next project starts. It needs to be something my wife can drive as well as drive people around in so future plans are:

dished 17"/16" meshies
Tien S tech springs
that's about it for the next 6 months at least

I'll get some real pics after i pick her up - cannot wait!


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