[2002] [Light Blue] Neo-Classical Cube

Hey everyone, my names Anthony. Just found this forum through browsing for cube parts..

anyways heres the story of my cube :)

My first sighting of a cube was when i went to Japan, and once i saw that i could get my hands on one here, i gave into my temptations and here it is.






[I]Jdmst May EOMM Sydney Australia ^^^.[/I][/CENTER]

So thats pretty much how she sits now.

[U]I bought it as above, Including:[/U]

- Neo-Classical Body Kit with side decals
- RS Watanabe's (Wheel specs 16x7 +35 fronts, +15 rears
- OEM Checkered seat covers and floormats
- Im pretty sure it has aftermarket shocks/springs, i think they are tanabe springs but i will jack up the car today and have a closer look at them

[B][CENTER]Interior Shots


This was one of the things that got me wanting a cube, on top of spotting them in Japan, Andy Wana(Inspiration), sitting in front of my computer desk.. I thought to my self. THIS, will be one of my next cars.. I purchased it from Japan to remind me of the awesomeness of it :)

A little Takara Tomy Model of the Cube :lol:



little did i know that i was going to actually own one soon enough..

This was before I owned it, I went and checked it out but carnet auctions didnt even let me take it for a test drive, regardless of my interest in buying the car. anyway the guy was a douche. true story, but we wont go there..

heres a pic.


taken from a camera phone.

I was the first to register it in Aus. And First owner. It wasn't a nice experience when buying the car but I was happy with the outcome.. :neutral:,

The first thing i did was put the Wakaba leaf that i brought home from Japan on it because its jdm yo!




I bought from e-bay for my lancer a broadway convex mirror, that went straight to my cube.

well thats it for now fellow cubists

thanks for reading and checking out my thread.. hope u enjoyed and i hope to meet more cubists out there and learn much more :)

Anthony T.


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