Greetings from Adelaide, Australia

Hi All,

I'm about to join the ranks of cube owners. My car is boarding a ship tomorrow to head to Australia from Japan. Mine is a 2004 EX Cube Cubic (Cube3) with nice 17" wheels.

There are currently 2 cubes in Adelaide but more are on the way thanks to Kristian from Iron Chef Imports based here in Adelaide. He was also the one responsible for getting the Cube onto the list for allowed imports to Australia.

I was a sceptic but once I sat inside and drove a cube, it was instant love! I say its a small car for parking with a big car feel.


  • Good news, is that yours in your avatar picture? Different front bumper too by the look of things.

    Look forward to seeing photos when she's off the boat.
  • Welcome Cube Ness, im suprised that it was never released in Oz! I can imagine a sweet Ute version would look pretty sweet there!! Missed opurtunity!!

    Make sure you get plenty of pics up once you got it.
  • Here's a couple extra pics taken at the docks in Japan. The countdown is on!

    [attachment=10496,18] [attachment=10496,19] [attachment=10496,20] [attachment=10496,21]
  • Very nice! I have that spoiler too :)
  • Thats a Beast of a Cube!! I thought all Aussies were Holden or Fords! I lived in Oz for a year, loved it!
  • Welcome to the square side. Nice Cube. like the kit.
  • Nice bodykit, that standard?
  • welcome Cubeness :)
    how long you gotta wait for your Cube to dock ??

  • sweet when you get yours we'll have to catch up for a run around adelaide! mines 2003 grey
  • Hey Hongster, did you import your cube through Iron Chef Imports?

    If your on facebook checkout our fan club group page, just do a search for Nissan Cube Adelaide. You'll find the other owners and fan's here in Adelaide. ;o)

    Hopefully my cube is only less than 2wks away, been delayed in Brisbane during compliance ;o( Can't wait to get it!
  • Hey nashTK421,

    Funny you should mention a cube being turned into a Ute, there is a Youtube post that has Cubes as Utes!

    Don't think it would take off here in Oz ;o)
  • Hi,
    Interested to see what the compliance shop does to modify your zenon headlights, who is complying it ?
    Great cars
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