Whats this called...??


my friend saw this at a show on the weekend,but i cant remember the name.
Yes its a nissan and i do know its somewhere on this very forum ;)....

any ideas peeps ??



  • My 9 year old son, who is a bit of a Cube and car nut saw one of these outside Wembley Stadium...just before he saw a Silver Cube at Ikea car park Wembley. My son reliably informs me that this is a Nissan Rasheen. I think they stopped making them in 1999-2000.
    P.S. Was it you at Ikea, Brent Park, Wembley on 8/8/10?

    Regards: Cuboid - 2 Cubes and a Junior Cube nut family!
  • Rasheen is the fella, I couldn't remember I was just going to say it's on the forum somewhere! :D
  • Yeah someone was selling one on here a while back. It was actually pretty cheap too!

    I saw one on the motorway the other day, looked really cool.
  • Cheers guys :-) , I can now let my mate know.
    I think he might like them lol :-D .

  • looks like a VW 411e!
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