Testing out the new attachment feature..

I'm going to tidy it up and make it a little easier to use though.

Let me know what you think.


  • dfsdfsdf

  • thats nice :) i think it will come in handy.
  • zip attachment tis not working.

    Zip file size is only 9.98Kb.
  • Ah ok, it seems to be pretty unreliable. Is it giving some sort of error or just not doing anything?
  • Photobucket is my choice of piccy upload, no drama, just upload and copy and paste the info back into the post. 8)
  • When I try to post I get a "Denied Mine" comment beside the attachment icon.

    If its possable can you add .rar to the allowed uploads?
  • It's a plugin from a 3rd party and doesn't give me any options to configure.

    I'll have to think of a better solution.
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