[2005?] [White] [S@int] Wheelchair Cube From Australia

Hey all, just thought I would say G'Day.... Just bought a 2004 Wheelchair Cube and love it..... I think I am the only one on the Sunshine Coast with one, haven't seen any others on the road ever. I will post a few pics soon :) Cheers


  • G'day sport ! You say wheelchair, is it a conversion ?

    Oh and welcome ;-)

  • Yeah the wheelchair conversion is done in Japan by Nissan/Autech I think they call them a life care vehicle... I thought you might have seen them, we have a few here in Australia now. It works great for my 8yr old in his wheelchair, makes life so much easier. I will get some pics of the mechanism and post them... It has airbag suspension that drops the rear of the car down to make access easy, mine also has something I have never seen on a car before, the rear passenger door is air operated from the drivers seat, you can open and close it from a switch there which is fun :) Thanks for the welcome..... S@int
  • Welcome S@int, good to see another SEQ cube on here, I have seen a few getting around Brisbane but none on here yet. They are certainly a different car and I still don't know why i like mine, I just do. lol

  • Hey Mike, yeah I know what it's like, we liked the look but bought it more for the wheelchair access as we needed something and I didn't want an ugly old Hiace, but now I just love it. Such a cool little car, it gets so many looks everywhere I go :) Just stock looking with 17's on it, not lowered yet as I am not sure if I can with the cut out and lowered floor in the rear, but still looks cool. We are wanting to get another now for y wife, either a normal 5 or even the 7 seater...

    Cheers S@int.
  • I have been pulled over by the police just to find out what it is. lol Mine is getting a few mods, next will be either bodykit or lowered suspension
  • Ahh awesome, I love the colour you have, I was heading down to see one the same but it had sold, thats when we found the wheelchair Cube, which normally cost way more but we got it for a better price.... My wife got pulled up for a RBT and the four police there all stopped testing to come have a look lol.... Funny outta all the sports cars I have had etc. this gets the most looks, I even had some young guys hanging out of a Holden Ute filming it with their phone.... Where do you get the body kits from? I really like the little flat spoiler that comes of the rear door, I have also been trying to find some of the fog lights yours has but not having much luck :(
  • Have a look here http://www.cubecars.com.au/ this fella complies cubes for a few dealerships, and can source whatever you want for your cube. They are located near the RBH hospital in Brissy. Very nice fella, helped me out and can't recommend him enough. Oh and he also does cruise control for the cubes too
  • Cool thanks, I messages him regarding cruise after I read it on this forum but never realized he could get other parts, I will contact him tomorrow, thanks heaps
  • Heres a few pics of the wheelchair Mod, this is before I bought it and put mags on...

    Before Car has been lowered via Air Suspension.

    As you can see the rear has been lowered for easy access.

  • Man that's really cool :-) and I hope your son is enjoying the attention ;-)
    Any chance of a photo of the rear with the boot shut? Be interesting to see
    The rear lights' area ;-)

  • Yes I will get a pic soon Rickfury, I like that it was done in factory as they made the boot cutout nice, not like some vehicles like this where you still see the ramp when the door is closed. With the dark tint and the ramp that folds in half you cannot tell its a wheelchair vehicle even looking in the windows, just seems like a standard one which we like :) Should get a few more pics up tomorrow.... Cheers S@int
  • I've seen one or two of these up for sale in the UK. They look much better than any other wheelchair enabled car out there. Like you say, it looks like it's really converted with a bit of thought behind it.

    Looking forward to seeing more pics :)

    Oh, and I've changed this thread into more of a profile about your car (edited the title and moved to the Cube Club Members section), hope you don't mind. It's good to have a list of all our members cars :)
  • No Probs, Cheers
  • Wow , what great job they have done on that conversion.Do i see rear seats folded up ?
    Im must say im very impressed with this conversion :wink: .

  • Yes, you can easily fold those down to use it as a normal 5 seater... Yeah they have done a great Job, some of the mods are so ugly and messy... Are my tail lights the same as all 2004 models or are the different? I haven't taken much notice!
  • Your rear tail lights compared to a standard cube are very different !
    I reckon,with a bit of work, you could make a smoked perspex cover to cover the whole light area !!! :wink:

  • Rick and his smoked perspex fetish! :roll: :D

    Cracking conversion i agree,nice plate too! be nice to see a UK one in the flesh to see how they did the airbagwork, im sure ronster will want a lurk! be
  • Wow, those rear lights are completely different to the standard Cube. Very well put together though. Cool number plate too :)

    My Autech badge at the back has just started peeling off :(
  • By the way, this is what the standard lights look like (mine's got an Autech bodykit and badge though) :)

  • wow they are different...... The smoked perspex would look awesome... The number plates came off my dads '65 Mustang :)
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