Box on wheels

Hey guys/gals,

It's a 2004 December built Nissan Cube, purchased on 4/6/2010
This replaces my 1997 Rolla daily

Pearl White in colour with 48***km's on the clock
Interior is in excellent condition and exterior with a few minor scratches which will buff out once I get a full detail on it, otherwise also in great condition.

Bought from Top Secret Imports in Blacktown NSW, Australia(thanks again guys)

Came in all stock, only with a Jap DVD, gps unit, Nissan floor mats and Nissan window visors

Plans for this car are only wheels, lowering, head unit, stubby antenna and improving the lighting.
As it's my daily nothing big is going to change (that's what the weekend/other car is for)

I get looks everywhere I take it, getting people asking me what the hell it is lol
Screaming out the window with hand actions lol
Even got my first fan mail left on my windscreen on Saturday (5/6/2010) when I parked it in the city, asking where I got it from, call him to discuss etc, lol
And not even a week of owning it. Very attention seeking car.

Well enough with the talk, here's some pics

Will update with pics when I do my little mods to it

Thanks for reading/ looking




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