[2006] [Blue] [Eurobob] My Blue Beasty!

As requested by Kieran for the "readers rides" section, and it seems ive lost my original piccies from my first virginal thread, pics of my cube!

This pic is from when i had just got her! (has to be a female!) :D


This pic is from last week at centre parcs complete with stonechips, dents, roofracks, bikes and covered in tree pollen and full set of tyres with 27,000 miles done in a year!!!!!!



  • Love the roof rack dude.
  • Cheers! just need a radio flyer trolley and a coca cola cooler on it to take me back to the Bug Jam era! 8)
    Not affecting my mileage much i note, the bikes on top lost me about ten mile an hour i reckon, i think that spoiler plus the shape of the cube makes the airflow miss most of it anyway.
  • I'm thinking of getting a roof rack bike carrier. I have a chrome lowrider and think it would look good up there.
  • the link to the place i got mine from is on the other roofrack post, i miss my super tuff burner with black skyways! :cry:
  • bring back the buggie bike ... with centre shifter. lol :mrgreen:
  • If anyone can find me a mint one of these then id give you lots of money, nuff said! 8)
    Has to be the one with oval tubing mind!
  • i'm with simon, the buggy bikes just make me think of childhood holidays at butlins!!!!!
  • old skool with whip flags on back mate second choice grifter ... :mrgreen:
  • Update time, bonnet now black (grille & wheels next)and transit van scumbag dents/scuffs now gone from passenger wing and bumper, perfect match! :D


    Also extra pic of the blue beasty earning her keep on the M5 and looking gnarly! :twisted:

  • Awesome! Is that satin black?

    Motorway shot is crazy, like something out of Japan haha
  • Loving the hi-vis stuff. looks well mean
  • Cheers me dears, every bridge i inspect i end up taking a few arty shots of me cube, cant resist!
    Think its matt? i asked my mate to match the door pillars, its spot in, it looks a bit vinylish when dry? £230 inc wing repair/respray.
    What you cant see behind the cube is the great big yellow IPV (crash cushion) lorry, have to make sure im 20 metres away cos if it gets arse ended by a 45 tonner it will skid that far with brakes fully locked on!!!! 8O
  • The bonnet is looking good and really pleased the wing pulled back okay and the colour match is all good.
  • Good job. Bob :-) all looks really nice and the second shot is sweet :-)


  • Good job. Bob :-) all looks really nice and the second shot is sweet :-)


  • Thanks for the plaudits but all i did was pay my mate to do it, hes the chap who did my karmann ghia by the way, get what you pay for! :D

    Getting more engine oil today from nissan then doing (finally!!!!!!) my plugs and belt tomorrow! (which have been in the garage since i did the K&N filter in feb i think!!!).

    Might sieve the CVT oil as well as still not put in that few spare litres i have left since change earlier this year, just turned over 30,000 miles in 14 months! 8O 8O 8O
  • hi mate good job on the bonnet by the looks of it,trouble is i've just had my bonnet matt blacked as well but i done a rap when ever we meet up people are gonna think we're a right bunch of gaylords,but don't worry mate as they said in the A-TEAM i love it when a plan comes together(I've got something up my sleave )catch up soon.
  • Talking of A team, you seen that 3rd gen cube on eBay? It's a mini a team van!!
  • hay sticks...how much was the bonnet rap ?? and any links to them ?

  • hi bonnet rap was £60 by my local graphics bloke he loves the cub he wants to something top secret on it but i like the plain and simple.Watch this space.
  • cheers m8....i will see what i can find locally:)

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