Cube Owners Club stickers for sale

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Cube Owners Club stickers are now available to buy. These are the ones I was selling at Japfest.

All prices include postage.

Here are photos of the stickers in action:

Large 35cm Pink with black backing:

Large 35cm Pink:

Small 10cm Square


How to apply:
  1. Remove the paper backing.
  2. Apply sticker to the area.
  3. Rub the sticker with a credit card until it looks like any bubbles have disappeared.
  4. Gently peel off the paper
Pics of application:




  • Next stop polo shirts. ;)
  • For those currently waiting. I've just received a batch from my supplier. They will be in tomorrows post :) Photos up later (white and blue).
  • Hi M8

    Ordered a pair of these a couple of weeks ago but not got them yet is there a problem?

  • Dammit, I sent those over a week ago, they must've gone missing.

    I don't have any yellows left either. I have the following left until I order more next week:
    10cm square ones - 1 purple, 1 pink, 1 black.

    Let me know if any of those tickle your fancy otherwise I'll get more yellows ordered.
  • Cheers m8 will wait for the yellow ones.

    Have you got my correct address?

  • Cheers dude, will do. ws12?
  • Yeah thats it :-)
  • Ok, so I've been useless at getting the stickers out to some of you (you know who you are) but they are all now in the post.

    The issue was with the stock and buying more stock. On the shopping cart website I just listed all the possible colours and combinations, even when they weren't in stock with me. Which meant that when someone placed an order for one or two of the items that weren't in stock I had to order a whole new batch.

    What I'm going to do from now is list what I do have, ready to post the next day and we'll take it from there :)

    I have the following in stock and ready to post:

    Square 10cm wide stickers (£3 each inc. postage)
    1 x Pink
    1 x Black
    1 x Purple
    1 x White
    1 x Yellow

    Large rectangle 35cm wide stickers (£5 each inc. postage)
    5 x White
    1 x Blue
    2 x Black backgrounds (add £2 when bought with a large colour)

    How to pay
    Simply Paypal the money to me at


  • Also, those who have your stickers, please post up photos! :)
  • Can I have a small white one please I know alot of water as done under the brigde but any chance some time soooooon ????? :roll:
  • Like I said, sorry dude it's now in the post, it will be with you tomorrow or the day after at the latest, not sure if I caught todays post.
  • good morning monster monster thanks for the stickers will post pictures later :D
  • got mine on this morning plus my brick sticker
  • Nice, get some pics up! :)
  • about putting pics up do you have to sign up for yahoo :roll:
  • If you want to use Flickr, yes. You could use That's probably an easier way. :)
  • Got mine today.
    Thanks for the extra one aswell.
    i havent put the white one on yet.
    here is a pic of the yellow one.
    Thats my tailgate complete with its stickers ;).

  • Thanks for posting a pic, glad you got it. I've just noticed that I have the same yellow one, in the same place on my cube, also with a shocker sticker in the same place :D
  • For anyone else wanting some I have the following remaining:

    Square 10cm wide stickers (£3 each inc. postage)
    1 x Pink
    1 x Black
    1 x Purple
    1 x White

    Large rectangle 35cm wide stickers (£5 each inc. postage)
    4 x White
    1 x Blue
    2 x Black backgrounds (add £2 when bought with a large colour)

    How to pay
    Simply Paypal the money to me at

    Worldwide postage
    Add £1.00
  • Greetings from the states!!!
    sorry to bump an old thread but just sent payment for a sticker! Let me know if order went through ok, ive never used paypal to just send money.
  • me need a new one as its on me roofrack! also need a shocker sticker! 8)
  • Hi sharpie, yep got your payment. Will arrange it with you via email after the weekend. Bob, I'll sort you out tomorrow :) can't help you with the shocker though, mine was an eBay jobbie.
  • Evening, can i have an ickle sticker for me new cube, do you have the double colour (as before), if not can i have a black and white lil one and i will trim one down to sit over the other! 8)
    Or purple and white ?
  • Hey Bob, is it just the small ones you're interested in? I've run out of them and only have the large white ones left with no black backgrounds. (until I order some more, which I will soon, in a whole rainbow of colours :) )
  • Small ones please, when do you think you can get more made up?
  • I'll get in touch with my sticker guy. What colour would you like?
  • yellow with black backing, small. Ta 8)
  • hey,
    Just wondering if the post office gave you any idea of how long it would take to get here. Thanks!

  • Is that the one to San Jose CA? In which case, no afraid not. I can only suggest giving it a few more days :S
  • Any chance of printing up some orange stickers???
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