• Where's Jess?! lol :wink:
  • That must be a photoshop? Surely the grill wouldn't be one piece with the wing.
  • maybe,but just think,Ron could get his BIG hair in it with no probs' :lol: 8)
    (what colour this year Ronny?)

  • I would have one as a laugh

    Since i work at a vinyl and printing company the boys put 'PAT 1' number plates on my cube and made 'Royal mail' signs and stuck them to my door, got pics and will upload soon, dont really want to keep them on till japfest lol

  • Ditto, had mine a week and went to work in glos at 630 am one day to find two of my so called mates had put `Pat` and `Jess` in blue vinyl letters on windscreen! I kneecapped the pair of em........ :D
  • That's cool as that. :lol: Kind of looks like one of them German mail vans thats baised on a beetle.
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