Nissan Cube Lights

Hey all I thought thiscould be a useful post in the knowledge base.

I have collated a list of globes the cube takes. If anyone has anymore post and I will update this post.

From front to rear:-

Headlights H4
Front fog lights H8
Front parkers T10 5 watt
Front indicators 7440 amber
Side indicators T10 amber 5 watt (in the front guards)
Interior lamp 31mm festoon
High mount stop light 7440
Rear stop/tail 7443
Rear indicators 7440
Reverse lamps 7440
Rear number plate lamp T10 5 watt


  • Great information Mikey!

    I might get some white headlight bulbs and fog light bulbs for my car now that I know the part numbers.
  • Awesome! Someone should add this to the part numbers thread.
  • thanks mate
  • Excellent info. Added to the Part Numbers thread
  • Very handy fella, cheers. :D
  • Anyone know what the map lights are? I took them out to have a look, but there is nothing written on them.
  • hey guys,

    i just bought some new H8 globes for the fog lights

    but with disappointment

    the fog lights where a HB4 globe
    not a H8

    mines a December 04 model
  • The reverse lamps aren't 7440 bulbs. They are simmer. anyone know what they are? mines located to the offside reverse lamp and the lens had been painted red and looked a little rough. I've cleaned the lens so its clear again and I need a red bulb as it's MOT is coming up. any help would be much apreciated.<div><br></div><div>Phil.</div>
  • Can you buy the bulbs as a kit? Would be handy,but quite happy to build a DIY kit if need be.<div>I hate being under prepared.</div>
  • You should be able to. The bulbs are all pretty much standard ones.
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