Hey all,

Finally getting Cube tomorrow, the whole cracked headlamps experience has been a total mare but Eastern Autos and Dave have finally pulled me out of the sh@t.

Dave sourced two good used headlamps for me in 3 days and has arranged to have them posted out directly from Japan this week so should have them in a week or so all going well.

The garage I am buying Cube from have'nt been much help at all. But Dave even gave them advice today on how to wire current headlamps to get me through the next few weeks until my new lamps land here.

Dave also exposed the garage's tall tale to me about Sunderland Nissan being unable to source new lamps as they are 'out of stock' in Japan! They said six weeks!

Dave said Nissan Ipswich could get me a set within a week!

All in all Dave has offered fantastic customer service. A real rarity amongst all the dickhead con-men working in the motor trade!

Just need my lamps to turn up now so can get the new ones in.

Pics to follow,

Cheers Dave,



  • Top man Dave!
    Maybe we'll see you at Japfest Wes!? :)
  • Happy to help a fellow Cube owner.

  • Cheers Dave.

    Ring you when the bits arrive mate.

    It will be interesting to see what that garage can do with the new lamps. They are going to fit them for me for free they reckon.

    Kieron, I'd love to mate but don't wanna take cube far til I get her properly serviced and the cracked lamps replaced.

    I'll be at the next one no doubt.

  • You know you want to come down dude. You can cruise down with me. Service is no botha couple of hours for oil filter, oil, air filter and plugs. I would do it for you. The engines are bullet proof dude. Can get parts cheap to. Oil - £17, Oil filter - £2.50, Air filter - £4, and depends on what plugs you want as to price.
  • You're a gent bud, but my lamps are not due for another two weeks Dave reckons. Im a xenon headlamp down at mo also so trying not to drive much in dark or i'll get done.

    Where do you get you're service bits ron? Blueprint?

    Having to get the original springs back in also as WAY too low for the bumps in Wallsend! It has 2000 Ti RSR spings at mo, apparently these are awesome but aint adjustable and paired with huge back box equals disaster lol

    Just let me know when free and we'll meet up mate, it'll be great to meet someone that knows what he's looking at!

  • Def dude.:lol: I'm sure someone will buy springs off you. Or get some that aren't quite as low.
  • Dave is swapping me for an original set this week.

    Desperately need lamp sorted then all should HOPEFULLY be sweet...

  • Courier has picked up the springs so you'll get 'em tomorrow :-)
  • Cheers Dave,

    Just keep me posted on lamps mate.

    Wish we got random 3 day bank holidays over here too! :lol:
  • It's half way through 'Golden Week' holiday in Japan at the moment
  • Sounds a good one, no probs fella. Like I said mate, if the huge stainless back box needs to come off i'll send you it. :mrgreen:
  • Are you selling those springs Dave?
  • Not sure yet Keiron, undecided about lowering mine at the moment
  • No worries. By the way, sorry I didn't reply to you on eBay about the alternator, I forgot to check my ebay emails for about 3 weeks!

    Have you still got the alternator for £60? If so I can pay you in a week and a bit.
  • Yes still got alternator, it's still in the car
  • Got springs Dave, thanks bud.

    Going in Sat so i'll post the ti ones to you then matey.

  • Lights in Dave, thanks fella...
  • Great news Wes... Happy to help as you can now enjoy the Cube :-)
  • Good to know that normal lamps can replace neons without any probs eh Dave, auto sparky said it was easy mate 8)
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