[2008] [Diamond Silver] [Andy Wana] - Andy Wana's Cube Cubic (YGZ11)

Character is always something that I look for in my cars, more so than performance.
It is the one thing in my opinion that adds the most value to any car ownership.
So when the time comes to look for a daily drive that will fit a growing family, character is automatically the no.1 requirement.
I always want cars to match my personality - so something quirky, crazy, oddball and charming it is then.

[B]I thought long and hard outside the box, and stepped into the Cube[/B] ... :mrgreen:


The Cube replaces our beloved RX8 (which replaced the MX5 Clubman).
In a way, it is an upgrade from our rotary experiment.
I upgraded from a 4 seater to a 7 seater. :)
I upgraded from a 1.3L engine to a 1.5L engine. :)
Fuel economy is literally halved, not that it mattered when I had the RX8 as my daily. :)

[IMG]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v102/EGG80X/Andy Wana Rx8/IMG_1442s.jpg[/IMG]

The love affair with the Cube went back as far as 2007 when we went to Japan for our honeymoon.
On paper/brochure/computer screen, the car looks rubbish.
When I saw it in real life, I was smitten. I was in love with it.

It's a very Japanese car in every way (even if Renault owns Nissan these days).
It's quirky, cheerful, efficient and functional - much like Japan really.
Its 4 sides are ALL DIFFERENT TOO! Where else do you see asymmetry on a car but on the Cube.
Little wonder then that the Cube is one of Japan's most popular urban car.


When I got home, I went straight to business and ask importers locally here as to when it'll be available.
Most were telling me 6-12 months, but 2008 came and went in a blink of an eye.
I eventually forgot about the car and were contemplating the likes of Mazda2 and Honda Jazz to replace my RX8.
The head is with these cars, but the heart is still with the Cube.


So when word came around that the Cube is finally available in Australia, I went back to my hunt.
I looked at a few Cubes before coming across this 2008 Cubic model with only 9600km genuine kms on the odometer.
Not wanting to miss out on the urban car of my dreams in an excellent condition, I test drove it, fell in love with it all over again ... and bought it.


The HR15DE 1.5L engine came from the JDM Nissan Tiida.
It has a CVT auto transmission, which is smooth and pleasant for city driving.
Cabin insulation is pretty good too, which is a bonus if you want a quiet and comfortable ride.


Performance is LOL to say the least. Taking about 11 seconds for 0-100km/h?
But what it lacks in performance, it makes up for it with charm.
Kids absolutely love this car, thinking it's like a real life LEGO/Tonka van or something.
People usually either smile when they look at it, or just stare in horror at the box on wheels.
"Square" is a commonly used term around this car, so I've gotten used to that pretty quickly.

I love to mod this car and it's now looking a bit different to the pics above. Love to share my experiences (and mods) with this car and chat all things Cube with fellow owners too here.


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