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Leading on from this thread [url][/url] You can now subscribe to topics, either via the "Subscribe To Topic" drop-down box at the top of a thread via the "Subscribe To Topic via Email" checkbox under the topic reply form. I'm going to modify this so that it's checked by default as most people are interested to be notified when a topic they have reply to gets a reply.

This morning we had our first spam post, with some quite graphic porn. This was posted by someone already registered on our forum (all the posts and users were migrated from the old phpbb spam-ridden-forum). I've deleted the post and also deleted that user. Further more, I've also removed about 2500 other users that look like spammers (zero post count, russian email addresses, spam based email addresses etc.)

I've been keeping an eye on the new forum registrations and I've noticed a few more spammers registering so I've added an extra level or protection on the registration form to prevent automatic spam bots from getting in.

You'll start to notice, in every message thread a Google Advert block, which appears to have been posted by a user called "Club Advert". This is an automatic post by the forum software. I've made sure they appear quite naturally are are not too obtrusive. I'm not going to make a lot of money on these adverts but this forum costs me money to host and if it does bring in a bit extra I'll put it back into the club via stickers, banners, events etc. If anyone is deeply unapproving of them let me know.

New messages & homepage layout
You'll notice that the new discussions on the homepage now appear at the top, and any threads that have new discussions or messages since your last visit will be marked in pink.

No, not those weird blue people. ;) You can now upload your own avatar that will appear on the left hand side of all your posts. Simply click on your username up the top (next to "Welcome, " then on the top far right there'll be an "Avatar" link. Voila!

User stats
If you look to the left <--- you'll now see your 1) post count 2) join date and 3) a user type based on your post count and how long you've been a member, these also have associated colours.


Phew, that's all for now folks :)


  • awesome job!
  • Did a bit more work last night:
    1. Improved the Subscribe to Topic via email functionality
    2. Cleared out ALL the potential spammers and dormant users, now down to just under 500 users from 4500!
    3. Made the top header a little more interesting
    4. Made some slight visual changes (background tile, clearer add topic button etc.)
    5. Fixed all the broken images in the cube members section (the ones that I could anyway (about 30). There are still some broken images though so feel free to add more photos of your Cube to your thread
    6. Got rid of the service section of the "Maintenance, Service, Parts and Guides" forum category. also going to move all non-guides and information from the "Knowledge Base & Guides" into the "Help, Modifications, Servicing and Technical" so that it becomes a really useful definitive guide to looking after and improving our Cubes :)
    7. Moved the forums around a little - there are now 2 Cube Club Members areas, one for the 2nd Gen and one for our new 3rd Gen members
    As always, comments and suggestions are appreciated :)

    Forget Year of the Tiger, this is going to be the year of the Cube 8)
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