Welcome to the new forum PLEASE READ

Hi everyone!

I've been working very hard to get this new forum up and running over the past few days. As you can see it's no longer running on PHPBB. I've decided to use bbPress which comes from the same people as Wordpress. It has lots of great plugins, is easy to modify, maintain and most of all is fantastic at keeping the spammers at bay.

The biggest part of getting this new forum up and running was getting all the old data in the old PHPBB format over to this new one. This involved plenty of custom PHP database scripts, lots of cursing and a few late nights (like tonight).

You'll notice that a lot of the links and some of the images and formatting of text will be broken here and there but I'm working on that and it is easily fixable.

Regular visitors will also remember that the old forum had a BIG problem with SPAM, it was getting between 10-30 SPAM posts a day, most of which were crude, rude and offensive. I'm also in the process of removing these spam accounts and I've already deleted over a 1000 of them but there are still lots left.

If you notice any bugs before I do, or if you have any feedback or ideas for the new forum then there's a good chance there's already a plugin out there or I can build/modify the code to make it work as we want (remember, I do this stuff for a living).

Cheers guys, and here's to a great 2010 for the Cube Owners Club. I'd also like to preemptively give a warm welcome to our new MK3 Cubes who will hopefully be joining us soon too given the launch of the new UK market Cube.



  • AWESOME!!! Finally, a real forum for us Cubists.
  • Also, I have one suggestion. Can you make it possible to jump to the other forum sections from here, rather than us having to go back to the main page?
  • Glad you like! Yeah sure, that should be fairly straight forward :)
  • Hey nice job Kieran. You guys can also check out our Cube Club from Trinidad. http://www.trinicubeclub.com/ Still has a few things to add in the forum section though.
  • yeah like the new look, how do i get a profile pic?? good work mate!!!!!!!
  • Good work Kieran. Hope it stops or at least reduces the spam and the amount of maintainence time.
  • Cheers, HAHA lovin' the avatar!
  • Tidy job kieran, new avatar uploaded in seconds! im like an IT guru, fo1shizzle! :-)
  • Nice work Kieran. Thanks for all efforts to keep the forum going and spam free.
  • Keep up the good work dude. Well done :D
  • Looking good! :D You, sir, are a star!
  • Good work Kieran. :-)

    Off to familiarise myself with the layout.
  • Cheers peeps!

    Cool, let me know if you think something is difficult to find or doesn't make sense at first. :)
  • Is it possible to change the freshness sort so that the topics are sorted by the last time a reply was made on the topic rather than when it was created?
  • I'm pretty sure that's what it does at the moment. Does it not behave like that for you?
  • The new posts section at the top of the page is sorted by replies (I think) but if I go into a specific forum section - i.e Cube Club Members and then into the 2002 - 2008 subforum then the topics are sorted by topic created not latest reply. (Unless it is only counting replies made since the change to the new software?)
  • Looks fine to me :S
    When I go to CUBE CLUB MEMBERS - 2ND GENERATION (2002-2008) they are in order that the last reply was made.

    I see (from the top)
    White Cubic Rider 6 HICUBE 14 hours
    Volkscubens' '04 Silver Cube!!!! - 2 11 Rickfury 3 days
    My Black Cube3 - 2 11 cubic 3 weeks
    "PAZ" My Orange Cube - Keighley, West Yorkshire - 2 14 ChrisYorks 1 month
    Orange 04 Cube - Sydney (AUS) - 2 11 CUBED 1 month
    Cubic-2003 3 Eurobob 1 month
    new pic of my cube taken today 4 millsyman22 2 months
    My Cube - 2 13 Rickfury 2 months
    kent cube 8 The_Ronster 3 months
    kent cube 3 neville1312 3 months
  • The topic for my car is showing at the top of page 5 - freshness = 11 months but the most recent reply was made 1 week ago?!? :)

    Again, maybe it only takes into account replies since the forum was changed?
  • Aha, I Seeeeeee! Ok I'll look into it. That's not right.
  • This is the first time I've visited the forum since it jumped from cube-club... well done Kieran... looking GooooOOOOOD! Thanks for all your hard work :)
  • Best name ive seen on here yet! :D
    Is your cube same the colour as mine emilyfabulous?
    And i agree, hes done a top job with the site! :P
  • Aha, i see! Whens the next meet then? Need to see more cubes!!! :D
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