Rare model - Rider GT specification

I purchased a Rider "GT" model some months ago and would like to find out more about this version. I spoke to a friend in Japan who did a bit of digging and found that it was just one of a huge range of model variations - some of which were apparently prepared specifically for niche markets and niche geographies. It appears to have different suspension units (slightly softer than my other standard-spec Cubes), different (Japanese market) Satnav, collision detection systems and rear-facing camera systems as well as slightly different wheels to other "Rider" models that I've seen. I know that some unusual Cube variations were produced for Australia and Malaysia..maybe this is one of those ? Anyone know anything about these or other "Rider" variations ? I know that there are other "GT" Nissan special versions of their other "City" cars and most of these seem to be cosmetic variations (no uprated engines)
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