Welcome to the Nissan CUBE Owners Club

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[size=200:6e4a2]Hi and welcome to the nissan CUBE owners Club,

New topics and sections are to follow, such as Monthly meets and a Section for owners to post pictures of there CUBE etc....

This Club is for anyone and everyone, it is light hearted and friendly Club for CUBE owners and future Cube owners to talk and meet,

so please keep it clean.

So first off, im Darren and here is my CUBE.

[size=150:6e4a2]Spec: 2003 Nissan CUBE.
Fully detailed paint work
Full custom stainless steel exhaust system
17" rims
personal number plate
Kenwood NDX7200 gps NAVIGATION System/DVD/CD/ipod/Bluetooth/USB/Fully functional rear camera that is activated on the screen when in reverse.
Soon to be slammed (lowered) on the ground, with fully adjustable coilovers.

And soon to have a full feature in a car mag. more info to follow.

hope you like and i look forward to hearing from you all and seeing your Nissan CUBE.

Take care Darren


  • Hello A1 Cube,

    I think the pictures of your Cube look great. Where did and how did you get that EXHAUST SYSTEM made with the twin pipes out the back..... It looks fantastic.

    I am looking at buying a Cube soon but don't know the best place to go or what exactly I need to look out for. I have visited quite a few garages that sell them but they don't all look great. Where did you get yours from and can you tell me what you though of the garage. Have you had any problems with yours and if you did, did the garage help you out..????

    Recently, I heard that there is a slightly newer version with a 1500cc engine. Is it any different or moer powerfull etc than the current Cube / Cubic range....

    Many thanks,

  • hi mate,

    had it fitted at Longlife, very happy with it too, took only a few hours.

    Also these cars are very easy to work on and most garages can easy service them or carry out repairs
  • Love your Cube...I would have gone for the orange only I've owned an orange SEAT Arosa the past 7 years so the Cube I'm getting very soon, I hope, is lavender !! Can't wait to get my hands on it !!
    So I'm assuming you're mightily pleased with yours. Any pitfalls I should be aware of ? After I collect it I have to drive home for 2 hours so I'm hoping it's user-friendly !!

    Love Lynda XX :D
  • hi,

    No pitfulls at all. oh apart from everyone looking at you in the cube, gets some great looks,

    hope you enjoy it, and posts some pictures of it when you get it home, :-D

  • Hi Daz....I'm sooooooooooooooooooo excited. All being well I get it next Friday !! Can't wait....here are a couple of photos of my new baby !!! I then have a couple of hours to drive back in it after collection so I'll need to figure it out fast ! Hope the photos work.

    Love Lynda XX :-D
  • Cool love the colour, bet you cant wait now :-D
  • If I'd not had an orange car for the past 7 years I'd have picked your colour for sure......as it turns out on looking around AFTER I found the violet (!!) one there aren't any more in that colour for sale so I'm pleased about that !!
    Roll on a week from now !

    Love Lynda XX :-D
  • a friend of mine has just bought one and he would like to no where you got the chrome grill from? and any other accessories that are chrome you have added. thanks. please pm
  • Hi,

    This is a Rider Model, and all the chrome comes as standard, you maybe be able to purches it from Japan seperatly but im not sure you can,


  • hi all<div><br></div><div>Soo excited my husband drove six hours to pick up my cube yesterday!!!! love it love it have waited so long to get her!!! </div><div><br></div><div>love</div><div>beth</div>
  • Wecome esther 1enjoy as we all door
  • Our Cube is Awesome!!! We love em :D
  • Good Morning,<br>Just joining as a recent first time Cube owner.<br>We finally managed to get one.<br>Beautiful 2004 Cubic Rider model in white.<br>Needs to be properly washed again over next couple of weeks to take some pictures.<br>So far a from what I can see a great little community with lots of advice and knowledge.<br>If I may, I would like to ask a couple of questions that I could simply not find answers to despite doing all my research.<br><br>But of course didn't ant to do that straight away in the very first post.<br><br>generally speaking, is it best to start a new discussion for questions? Classic newbie enquiry, I know...but I consider myself a fast learner :)...<br>Thanks in advance...<br>
  • Welcome and Yes
  • Hi there my fellow cube owners - I've had mine since august and absolutely love it - is like to make a few tweaks on it - like upgrade the alloys from standard 14inch to 16 or 17- would I need spacers for this? My cars a 2005 1.5 petrol with 4studs alloys - I'd be really grateful for any advice cheers
  • Just get the right offset/inset and somewere on here people have upgraded
  • Well it's been a good few years

    But I've got another cube

    Still have the love for these

    It's a rider 1.5 2005

    Lowered it and had some th lines built in Germany for it

    Got some crazy negative camber on the rear

    Got this from neil again at performance point

    Amazing condition

    Had 2 days in body shop to have it flat and polished

    It's really a great car the 1.5 engine really does drive well

    Anyway I'll up date future plans

  • Wow, there's a blast from the past! Hello and welcome back to the club. A fair few faces have changed since you were last here and an awful lot of what happens with the club now gets done through facebook but we try to keep folks here included as much as possible.
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